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This community is for all of us who believe that The Site Fights will be back. Everyone who is a member, as a fairy, quill, spirit, deputy etc. etc. can join this community. Please download the picture to your own server! You Will get the HTML code by email. All you need to do is insert your communityid instead of the idnumber at the HTML. And to insert your email address and name. Please email me when you have inserted the HTML code. I will check your site and add to the community. You have 7 days to add the HTML code to your site.

Home of Rickys Rovers
Home of Ricky's Rovers. From D'Wombats Roaming Rascals

Lancasters Laughing Place
There are five major sections to Lancasters Laughing Place: compassion, humility, knowledge, memories and valor. Each section is like a chapter in a book, but chapters, which are unfinished until our departure ...

Midnight Enchantment
Faery friends of all ages will be enchanted while making their journey through our lands. Surprises, adoptions, treasures, and spirit await!

Spirit Sunshine's Spirit Page
{;}This is my Spirit/Fairy Page to the site fights!

Legends Hideaway
The Legends home away from home

Flute Loops!!
Flute Loops!! is a personal site devoted to the wandecommunitys of my mind ;) and is mostly illustrated with the cyber pets around the net that I find the cutest although there are some text pages thrown ...

The PVHS Color Guard Spirit Page
Wanna see what the life of a real high school color guard squad is like? get into the minds of 17 high school students in color guard with pix, info, and tons of fun!

my first web page
my first attempt at building a site,,made for my family and friends with the assistance of some great people I have met whilst making it{;}

{;}filled with stories, Poetry, dolls, spirit page and so much more

StarryNights Creations
{;}StarryNights Creations for all you (Web)designs, Buttons, Banners, Logo's , Tubes, Tutorials, Charms, Backgrounds, PSP Creations. For Sale and For Free... etc. etc....

Speedy's Spirit Den
Where Speedy lives! Where all my most valuable things are kept! Proud to be a Spirit, and I soar high with the Soacommunity Eagles!!

Fire Trail
A lot of my adopted creatures, my awards, cliques, spirit page, etc...

Purple Forever
It's a site made by an normal teenager. It has quotes, links, cliques, and some general rambling.

Karenality Index & communitys
Hello!! Please come and visit Karenality Graphics for Website graphics & design, free Online Greeting Cards, printing, resumes, PSP tubes, family fun holiday pages, causes & inspiration, AngelSisters community, ...

Julie Cookies Webpage
Personal page for me. I used to be part of TSF.

My Spirit Haven
Spirit SpiderWeb carrying on her TSF spirit!{;}

*Celtic Stars*
just my little site!

Spoo's Spirit Site - My Window Into Space
This is where I collect every memory, smell, touch, dream that I have found at the Site Fights... anything I can think of that is related to TSF goes here! Got much to show you!! Hope you stop by! :)

Pics of MacCa,ValleyQuail

DMadd Hatter's Wonderland
Temporary Home of The DMadd Hatter's{;}

Fairy Babe's Lair
Fairies, and Etc. *S*

Fire Pixie's Fae Homepage
The homepage of Fire Pixie, and site for fae stuff.