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This community is for the websites of people who have joined The Midnight Pride. The Midnight Pride is for Felines of all kinds.. We are Were, Wiccan, Shifter, and Vamp.. the only requirement for The Midnight Pride is that you have a connection to the Feline side of yourself.. Welcome to The Midnight Pride!{;}If you are not a part of the Midnight Pride and would like to find out more please go to:{;} http://www.geocities.com/midnightsvampiress/themidnightpride.html

Sisters of Dark
A website for my RPG Storyline and Characters.. feel free to explore the Sisters of Dark.. and learn of them..{;}I mainly play in TalkCity #Vampire-Tavern

Book of Shadows
A huge Eclectic Book of Shadows.. contains info such as rituals, Sabbats, Natural Magick, Correspondences, Gods and Goddesses, Stories, the Wiccan Rede and tons of other great things.. Great for beginners ...

My "Homepage", has pictures of myself, info about myself, pics of my friends.. info on Vampires, Were's, and Wiccan's coming soon!{;}