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A blog about all my knitting projects.

NeedleWerks....Knitting and Kneedless Knowledge.

Knitting and Other Compulsions
Rambling about my projects....in an attempt to stay out of the online yarn shops!

Fiber Friends
A developing website for lovers of luxury yarn and the craft of knitting. Designed primarily for those who knit, who do not necessarily sleep a lot. An ever present pattern competition will run on a month ...

Ancient Spin & Knit
I am a spinner, knitter and felter who owns a fiber mill in Eastern NY and I teach fiber arts to the kids at my son's school.

This is a place to share my love of knitting!

Days Go By
Knitting projects and other things in my life.

I Like Yarn
A blog about my knitting and my life.

Fiber Junky
Knitting, spinning, homeschooling mom with a serious fiber addiction.

Curls of Sunshine
talks about knitting and crocheting

...by what we give.
A blog about knitting, with funny bits thrown in because that's what I like!

Oriri Draco Design
The blog of Oriri Draco Design - covecommunity things from knitting, spinning and fashion design to struggles with all things fiber!

Clicking Needles
Sight for all things knitty.

So Many Hobbies
I am a thirty-something mother of four with entirely too many interestes for the amount of time I have.

A site containing free knit and crochet patterns.Links about how to knit and crochet. Many other helpful links pertaining to the art of knit and crochet.

Swirly Knits
My everyday life with knitting, crocheting, work, family life, photography.

Blue Turtle Knits
I post about knitting my love of socks, food, and my crazy life.

Lace and Socks
Site is about my knitting and learning more about knitting. Hopefully, I'll throw a bit of spinning in as well.

Knitty Knotty Blog
knitting spinning kids


metal and knit
Im a Metal head who is constantly knitting and run off with orders for the 2 alapaca farms and others I knit for.

Knit Your Bit
Knit Your Bit - In Honor of those who lead the way for us when they knitted, crocheted, or in some way crafted, for others. The term, Knit Your Bit, originated ducommunity the Wars when men, women, ...

Shiny Designs...on the Brighter Side of Life
Welcome to the world of Shiny Designs where you can find topics ranging from knitting and crochet to embroidery and needlework with the occasional craft project thrown in.

Hollys Knitting and More
blog journal documenting my successes, failures, and observations along my knitting and crocheting adventure.

Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom
A knitting and quilting blog written by two good friends, with frequent excursions into pop culture, raising kids, and anything else that catches our attention. (Ooo, pretty!)

Runs With Needles
A blog about my knitting, with copious amounts of dog and sky voters tossed in.

Sock It To Me
A born again knitter that loves all projects, although my current love is socks.

Sylvie the Procrasknitter
blog about knitting and my life in general

erratic stitches from the edge
my knitting stars and accomplishments. new blog so only a month's worth of posts so far. ;)

tapping of the needles
everyday ongoings of a knitting mom

The Dust Bunnies Will Wait
I am just a simple country loving Mother of beautiful children, and wife to a wonderful man. I knit, and crochet, and ramble about everything.

The Digital Knitter
Just another blog about knitting, fractals, military aircraft, and quotidian life.

Chickenlips Knitting
I've been known to pontificate about a wide variety of subjects, but Chickenlips is mainly about my love of yarn.

Dances With Wools
My ID's not Katknit for nothing!

Bribane, Australia - SnB
We are a collection of people living in and/or visiting Brisbane who get together to knit, crochet & craft.

Thread Or Yarn
I knit, crochet, spin, and try most any fibery craft

She Knits Too
So many projects ... so little time ..... my adventures in knitting, crochet & sewing all while trying to raise my family and keeping my sanity ...

Must Keep Knitting
I knit. I crochet. I attempt other things. Hey, I'm in college.

Lots of knitting, some pics, some tips, and other musings.

cozy's place
My blog about knitting, writing, family

Shut Up, I'm Counting
The obligatory knitting blog, comin' at ya from the Appalachian Mountains.

Sherri Knits
My site is mostly about my knitting journey, but my family tends to make an appearance here and there.

Knitted Gems Designs & Crafts
I rant about my knitting adventures on this blog, from designing new knitting patterns to knitting my many UFOs. Intermixed in the knitting talk is my love for gardening and cooking.

The Dip Lady Knits
I learned to knit a year ago and this is where I keep track of my knitting, and dip making life! (along with some day to day stuff)

Nat Red Knits
Blog about mostly knitting, the process and the finish. Life and family and pet charity projects.

Psyched 2 Knit
Random thoughts about knitting, yarn and living in Red Sox Nation.

Heading towards disaster

Wool Enough, and Time
A journal of my fiber adventures -- knitting, spinning, and dyeing.

the brook that knits
a fabulous collection of one knitwear designers thoughts on life, knitting and frogging.

Quinta Essentia Knitting
I'm by no means an expert at knitting, but I love to take on new challenges and am a stickler for perfection. This blog is a my accounts of what has worked for me and what I've made work for me!