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I inherited over 200 skeins of yarn. These are my chronicles of everything I'm trying to do with it!

Works For Yarn
This is an on line journal of my knitting adventures with an occasional reference to my family.

TheKnittingPath - Join
We'd love to have you along on the Knitting Journey. - From Fleece to Finished Product - Be it the beginning, the end, or somewhere in-between, your site/blog must, in some way be connected to knitting. ...

I dream of the sea
A blog about knitting, living and working in London

Stitches In Pink
A knitting blog of a woman who loves the color pink and her cat, Jake. She has picked up her needles again and become crazed with knitting, yarn, books and every tool she can get her hands on.

Knitting In My Sleep
Knitting, family and the occasional witty post.

Suzann's TextileFusion
Knitting writer and designer, Suzann Thompson, blogs about knitting and other textile crafts. She loves to use them all together in one project. That's TextileFusion!

Yarn It
My life as I knit it and live it.

Bubbles and Purls
A place where I share my knitting, spinning, and my family life with my family and friends online.

Shazzas Knits
My blog about knitting which my friends and family call my obsession.

Nice Knotty Knitter
A place to share my love for knitting and all that goes with it.

A Knit Decision
A blog about my knitting and my life in Portland, Oregon.

Kitten Yarns & Crafts
This is my crafty sort of blog, primarily consisting of knitting with the odd other type of craft thrown in now and then.

Spindling Scot
A wee mad Scotswoman lives in the mountains of France, and invites you to come and play in the yarn!

Goddess Knits
My blog about Goddess Knits, my original knitwear pattern line.

Little purls of wisdom
A new knitting blog. Don't get too excited, I am not that good yet!

Knitter Sue
I am a SAHM who loves to knit with every spare moment that I have.

Abby's Knits
a knitter who loves simple knits.

get your hook on
blather about my adventures in knit, crochet, and newlywed life. Topped off with a nice merlot and some chocolate. Come on by!

Sheila's Shawls
This blog is dedicated to providing shawls and scarves to vicitims, survivors and families touched by domestic violence. The program was created ducommunity the loss of Senator Paul Wellstone and his ...

I love knitting.

knit crazy!
knitting blog

Knights Do Knit
A blog about the knitting I'd rather be doing instead of housework, uni, etc etc :)

Romancing The Yarn
The continuing adventures of eleven authors in search of one perfect yarn.

A bloggers knitting obsession, and spinning adventure.

post mostly about my knitting, and occasionally my pup, Sofee

I'm a South Aussie who loves to knit, crochet, quilt, sew ... the list goes on!

Working my way through my stash, my mother's stash, my mother-in-law's stash and my grandmother's stash....

Tisha\'s Treasures
family, knitting and all my crafts

fair isle fibres
my knitting, spinning, sheep raising, dog chasing, B&B running adventures upon the remote scottish island of Fair Isle

Rain's Knit-Bits
A knitting blog with a smatter of life thrown in.

MollyBee's Attic
Tales from an Exiled Mainer, now a Midwest knitter, quilter, reader, geocacher, furbaby lover.

quelle erqsome
Self-control diminished as knitting slowly took over, followed closely by an unhealthy fascination with James Bond and zombies.

Dysfunktional Knitter
A knitting and spinning blog with bits of my dysfunctional life thrown in.


Covered In Yarn
Knitting and unraveling of life.

Splindarella's Blog
I knit, I spin, I weave...oh, and I have a family and career as well. But, ya know, a gal's gotta have her priorities....

The Knitting Politico
I post about my excursions in knitting. I am not a consistent poster, but I love knitting, and my life is dictated not by the stars, but by the skeins.

Smitten Knitten
A new knitter's journey to wooley enlightenment as I make things that keep me sane and keep my family warm and happy.

diary of ongoing craft projects, knitting, sewing, cardmaking. Items are for sale.

The Pinko Bitch Knits
Where terrible things are done to yarn.

kidknits: a knitting blog of sorts
My knitting blog where I post musings about my knitting, goals, and accomplishments as well as photos of items that I've knitted.

Knit & Play with Fire
I am mostly a sock knitter who really wants to learn to spin. I am also a female volunteer fire fighter.

Stitch and Knit
Knitting is a way of life for me and my 11 kitties :0)

My fiber arts journal

A Cyber-Knitting Mama's Craft experiences and more...

My Craft Blog
my blog about crafting and other things in my life

Prairie Gumbo
Just like gumbo, a fun mix of knitting, cats & dogs, gardening, Creole cooking and anything else that catches my tiny attention span!

The Knitsy Bitsy Spider
Two friends talking about knitting and life in general. Also includes directories of free patterns, charity knitting sites, knitting blogs, and other knitting related sites.

Knitting Like Crazy