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Click Member link to see site in tvA Missing Marine Brother
Tribute to our missing POW/MIAs. Plus links to my other pages.

Troubled Waters
My site is based on John 5:4 concept of Troubled Waters. Dedicated to MIA/POWs and houses memorial sites for Herbert O. Brennan,Thomas A. Duckett, and Michael L. Klingner

Remember our POW/MIA's
My dedication to the men and women that have given so much. And for others to join the fight to bcommunity them home.

Rasky's Vietnam Memorial
Vietnam Memorial site filled with poetry, humor, even a kids category. Humorous and Inspicommunity words. We have our{;}own topsites, communitys and give awards. We honor Native Americans.

Memorial Day
In memory of our honored dead on Memorial Day.

POW/MIA {;}Dedication to Vets.

Firebase Tennessee
Links for veterans, reunions, MOH Recipents, Quilt of Tears, Title 38, Agent Orange, POW/MIA, chat room and much more.

A Tribute & A Prayer
Visit my own personal tributes to my adopted POW/MIA's from the WAR in Vietnam, links to great related websites, a message board and much more.

American Memorial Tribute
An American's Memorial Page for All the Victims and their Families of September 11, 2001. Includes over 600 images, Over 50 Patriotic and Special Mix songs, Patriotic Graphics, links to News sources, ...

In Remeberance of Clavin C Glover
In Remeberance of Calvin C Glover, USAF MIA 1968.

In Remeberance of Thomas Adachi
In Remberance of Thomas Adachi, USAF MIA 1970.

The Last Two Missing Pieces
This Website was made to Honor a fallen HERO....SSG. James Champion from the 75th Rangers. He went above and beyond the call of duty for his company, his unit, the US. Army, and us. Come read his heroic ...

Lest We Forget - A Tribute to My Daddy and All Veterans
This is the story of a Dutch soldier, my daddy Josef van Duinhoven, member of the Underground, WWII soldier, Stoottroeper and jungle fighter in Indonesia. See real photographs and learn about war from ...

Tribute to all Veterans, especially POW/MIA's. Applets and Photos.

My adopted POW
A site about my adopted POW, links and more important things

Never Give Up, Never Surrender, Never Forget
Jim Ray Cavender - James Robert Klimo - Terry Lanier Alford - John Alan Ware: Are Waiting to Come Home Status MIA 1973 in South Vietnam Date of Loss: 04 November 1969 Lets Bcommunity Them Home NOW! ...

International Brotherhood Of Walking Wounded
Going forth around the world for peace and healing. We are a non-profit organization enabling former combatants and their families to meet with other former combatants from other "conflicts" so they may ...

Wee Lass's Semper Fi Page
A Site For all Marines and Pow mias

Cyber Sarge's
Info on the 25th Infantry Division, A Battery 7/11 Field Arty, FSB Crook 68-69, Agent Orange, Dioxin, VetLinks, Links to Claims Forms, Claims Guides, POW/MIAs, Drill Sgt, Photos, Web Awards, FREE Web Banners ...

Wolfhounds on AOL
AOL Home Page for veterans who served with the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 27th Infantry Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division ducommunity the Vietnam War

A Tribute to Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC
This site is dedicated to my father with links to a site of his Duty Sations and battles, Pictorial Histrory of his career and my adotped POW/MIAs

Col. Scherr's Duty Stations
This site is dedicated to my father with links to a site of his main site, Pictorial Histrory of his career and my adotped POW/MIAs

My POW/MIA Index
This site is an index with links to my adopted POW/MIAs, plus other related links

Capt John Consolvo, USMC, POW/MIA
This site is dedicated to Capt. John Consolvo, USMC, POW/MIA with links to my adopted POW/MIAs, plus other related links

Capt. Leonard M. Lee, USN, POW/MIA
This site is dedicated to Capt. Leonard Lee, USN, POW/MIA. Capt. Lee has come home 27 JULY 2000

1st Lt. Everett McPherson, USMC, POW/MIA
This site is dedicated to 1st Lt. McPherson, USMC, POW/MIA

1st Lt. Bent Davis, USMC, POWMIA
This site is dedicated to 1st Lt. Bent Davis, USMC, POW/MIA

Col. Scherr's Picture Gallery
This site ia a Pictorial History of My Father career in the Marine Corps, with links to his main site and Duty Stations

Veteran Advocates
To honor our Veterans, Active Military, POWs/MIAs and those no longer with us.

Iowa's POW/MIA's
Dedicated to Iowa's POW/MIA's

Freedom Flight
Freedom Flight, Inc. is a non-profit, educational corporation established in 1988, that seeks to honor and increase the awareness of P.O.W. /M.I.A. issue by using Hot Air Balloons. Our organization is ...

Katt's House
Personal site with information about the Usa military,POW/MIA,Memorials, misc pages also

USDevilDogMoms - A Marines' Family Support Group
Our group shares in the concerns, for support, for questions, answers, prayers, anything that you might want to share with others who are also going through the same emotions that you are.{;}It's a lot ...

William F. Taylor VFW Post 9486
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York

Karen's Patriotic Page
A tribute to U.S. troops, past and present...to those who've served proudly and those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Christopher Schramm
Site honocommunity Chris Schramm, KIA in Vietnam May 13, 1968

State of North Carolina POW/MIAs
Site with listing of North Carolina POW/MIAs from the Vietnam war with links to other military and Vietnam related sights

Brown Home
This is my page dedicated to My Brother who was Killed in Vietnam. It contains poems I wrote for all veterans ans on I wrote about the Vietnam Memorial. It also asks we do not forget our POW and MIA ...

In Honor
This side is in Honor of my adopted POW/MIA....and to make People aware of all our Soldiers that are still out there needing our help to bcommunity them home.

We are saluting these fine brave young men & women veterans, for all they have done & have given. Never to forget them or let otheras forget. We also have a page for our fathers for whom we love and a ...

You Are Not Forgotten - Henry Muir Serex
The story of POW/MIA Henry Muir Serex who may have survived as prisoner of war.

We have a large site including suich things as; Family, Holidays, Recipes, Crafts, Firefighter, EMS, Health pages, Prayer pages.

SITREPŠ is Official Information Website of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment (Vietnam) Association Inc of Australia. {;}This site is for members and other Veteran that is interested in the Australia Cavalry that ...

Oliver Jackson's USMC Homepage
This home page is dedicated to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, Vietnam! The page is also designed to keep all Veterans informed on Veterans issues!!!

1LT Sharon Ann Lane
This Site honors 1LT. Sharon Ann Lane.1LT.Lane served with the Nursing Corps in Vietnam.You can find more information about Women in the Military here.

In Memory of Jerry Shriver ~US Special Forces
Site honors Jerry Shriver,who served with the US Special Forces in Vietnam.

POW/MIA Bcommunity Them Home
This site is a tribute to my 11 adopted POW/MIAs. It also has information on how you can get involved in the campaign to bcommunity our lost brothers home and a page of related links. There is a trivia ...

A National Tribute To American Veterans
A site on the rememberance and tribute of american veterans,pow/mia's, and anyone who fought in any war and gave their all for their country....a salute goes out to all who fought for freedom and liberty ...

DRAGONFIRE 2/8 Memory of Sgt Gargano
A site devoted to the vets of Beirut and Grenada and a Tribute to Sgt. Eddie Gargano KIA Beirut 1984.

Lucy's World
My site deals with my family, my faith, and military, past& present. I have a page for my adopted POW/MIA, as well as a Tribute page to all Veterans.