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The community is for fellow pagans that want to share there knowledge with the world. Please NO SATANISM sites!!!{;}{;}This is for Pagans/Wiccans ONLY!!

Sheerie's Elfenland
Come and visit my fairyland! Try some of my spells or tea recipes, dwell into the descriptions of fairies and the wee ones or just find out about my friends, family and me! Do not forget to read the beautiful ...

SnowCat's Cave
Information on medicinal and magickal herbal uses, aromatherapy and powers of stones. Also included are sections of recipes (food, drink, bath & body, oils), crafts, candles, moon phases, elements, poems, ...

my personal site full of information regarding spells, rituals, recipes, tips, etc...{;}{;}BB

Erazor's World
Personal homepage. But contains also lot of information about vampires, werewolfs, demons etc. Dark stories, dark art and other such things.

Persey's Place
Information on wicca and paganism, including my personal journey onto this path. Includes herbs, graphics, divination, correspondences, and my own BoS.

Isis Sweetie's Magick Book
A teen wiccan site thats usually under construction! Tons of information with everything from the 'broom closet' to familiars. Blessed Be!

Indigo 4 Ever
A place where you can feel at home. For all types of spiritual, metaphysical, new age, philosophical, fantasy stuff.