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My dieting life

This Mama Cooks! On a Diet
Watch this mama lose it...one pound at a time. Diet and fitness tips, weight loss inspiration, and delicious, healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy!

Weighing in on saving my life... This blog is about losing weight and gaining muscles in body, mind, and spirit. Everyday, a new body to create.

Healthy Weigh of Life
Tips, ideas, articles, recipes, encouragement and more... all to help you lose weight and get healthy!

Bridging the Gulf
The thoughts and such of a formerly morbidly obese 30somthing woman who\'s now simply obese and determined to train away her rather lardiness to become a healthy, fit, strong, woman. My highest weight ...

As My Weight Loss World Turns
This blog are devoted to my journey in weight loss. Join me in my quest & watch me as I shed weight before your very eyes.

Fran Gets Fit
A journey to health, fitness and self improvement.

Fat Loss Secrets Blog
Blog which provides articles and up to date programs to help individuals lose weight.

Flabulous Freedom
Trying to lose weight and get fit and thought keeping a journal on line might help motivate me and keep me honest.

I Reject Your Reality...
This blog tracks the journey of a reformed Republican/Christianist from Eastern Oregon, who is trying to make himself half the man he used to be

A group of guys giving each other a little push to lose the tush.

Indy's Biggest Loser
Like most folks, I made a New Year's Resolution for 2008. I am becoming healthier, fitter, stronger and slimmer! To help me on my journey, I am reading and learning. For me, it's all about the journey. ...

Beautifying Myself
A Record of My Quest to Lose the Weight and Banish the Inches

Step Away From The Chips
My journey to losing 106 pounds.

Steve v4.6 - My 150 Pound Make-Over
Journal of a middle-aged guy losing 150 pounds before his next birthday.

Weight Loss Diet Secrets
Expert articles and video on diet, weight loss and diet exercise to guide you on your journey, weight loss tips and weight loss secrets.

I share my journey as I shrink in size and grow in life after vertical sleeve gastrectomy weight loss surgery. I'm also a work at home in my pj's gal and I love to help others find out how to do the same. ...

Truth, Myth & Opinion on Health, Wellness & Diet
Sensei Talks aims to provide the latest information on weight loss, health, fitness and technology in a positive, entertaining way. Our goal is to incorporate honest impressions of current research and ...

Adventures in getting thinner and healthier, while fighting sabotage and diabetes.

The One Last Thing
Discussions about weight loss success, quitting smoking, reducing stress, and other big challenges. You've been successful in other areas. What is your "one last thing" you want to overcome?

Cleaning up the body squalor

Losing It!
Hello! My name is Kelly and I am fat. Problem is Iím a lot of other things too: a wife, graduate student, friend, Special Olympics coach, public servant, and outdoor enthusiast to name a few. But for ...

Evicting Gertrude
Follow me on my weight loss journey!

Losing to find myself
My journey losing weight thru the HMR liquid diet using meal replacements shakes.

damn your bandwagon!
I'm jumped off the mad bandwagon of calorie counting bulls**t. There has to be a lifelong solution - and I'm going to find it!

Keeping Fat Loss Simple!
My personal weight loss journey documenting my nutrition, exercise and before and after photos. Weight loss using common sense.

A Working Mom's Joy
This mama is working on becoming healthy for the joy of her life, her family. Philippians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

Keeping Moving Forward
An addiction counselor takes back control of her body.

Walkloss : Weight Loss : Wobbly Bits
40 ish fatty who lives less than 30 secs from some of the best countryside in the UK but is currently too lazy to even walk up the street. Aiming to be a slim, foxy, drop dead gorgeous goddess in a mountain ...

100 Pounds 30 Days - My Weight Loss Journey
I am a 24 year old college student in Kentucky (originally from North Carolina) slowly but surely working my way from a highest weight of 307 to a goal weight of 130.

Pizza and Pop Tarts
a weight loss blog

Losing it, Little by Little
Shacommunity about my weight loss journey, my triumphs and struggles as I strive for a healthier and thinner me!

Buck Off
Buck Off is about a college rider's weight loss challenge.

Ms.Lose Weight's Journey
I'm approaching 30, am a mummy of 2, mostly seperated from my partner, and have lost weight 3 times and gained 3 times since my first child was born at 21. I am currentley suffecommunity from depression ...

a very hungry lady whos always finding new and healthy ways to keep from being hungry

The 391
Simply put, I am a fat girl getting thin by her 30th birthday. Having just found out I have PCOS, I don't have time to sit around and "hope to get healthy one day." It must happen now. (It actually should ...

"Bir Girl" no more!
I dont think I even crave the food so much as I do the comfort it gave. I ate my feelings A LOT. And I ate my boredom even more...but now I need to completely rebuild my relationship with food. THAT is ...

Come join the quest for non-fatness!!
A hysterical, honest blog about my weight loss journey, what I hate about being fat and everything in between. I tell funny and sometimes sad or disappointing stories about real experiences that I have ...