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Click Member link to see site in tvMy Quest for Change
My blog on losing weight and how I am doing. My goal is a size 8...will I make it?

Shoes Always Fit
This is one girl's journey to lose weight, have a healthier life and a smaller waist size.

Hope To Be Less
Fat girl on her way down (hopefully). Unlearning everything she ever knew, and relearning good healthy habits. Binge eating disorder. Thyroid issues

Journey to Julie
Making a commitment to myself, holding myself accountable, & hoping to get some support along the way. Goal: Lose weight (the physical goal) and rediscover me (the mental/emotional/spiritual goal).

The Graduate's Guide to Healthier Living
This site is all about the small changes and lifehacks I am making to live a more healthy and balanced life. Hopefully this list of changes will be useful to others.

Diet or Die
My doctor said 'Diet or die'. Not much of a choice, so I'll pick diet, thank you very much! Doing the old-fashioned way - eating less and exercising more!

The Journey to a Healthier Me
A personal weight loss journal. I also have PCOS.

Tri like you get paid.....
A triathlete's journey to fitness, as seen from the back of the pack.

A Teen Taking Control
Just me blogging about my struggle to lost weight and stop being the "big one" before I get out of my teens.

Fighting Phat
I need to lose weight and this blog is about my fight against fat. I was 145 kilos at the start of my quest. My goal is to lose 45 kilos of fat. I will be posting my experiences, exercise charts, nutrition ...

Fat Girl, Interrupted
My weight loss journey, from morbidly obese to healthy. For my son, my family, my future, myself.

Bye Bye Mega Mama!
I'm so gosh darn tired of being the fat mom... the megamama! I want to be a thinner, healthier mom. I want to be a semi-stylish mom... or at least a mom who doesn't live in sweat pants, leggings and baggy ...

5 incisions, 1 band and a body
A journal about changing weight loss, life style change and understanding my relationship with food ... it's also sprinkled with the ups and downs of every day life ....

Warm Fuzzies
Personal blog dedicated to my family life, friends, and weight loss journey.

You have such a pretty face
My journey in learning to control my food addiction and trying to become weight-normal.

Healthy Honi
This blog is about my journey to a healthier self... I have lost and gained and lost and gained enough weight in my life to create 2 people... I came out fat.. but I don't want to die fat ..

The Temptations and Frustrations of a Dieting Momma
This is my blog where I journal about my weight loss journey and post tips & recipes I'm finding along the way. I'm trying to lose 150+ lbs so wish me luck!

ThinBlanca!! My Journey through Weight Loss!
I’m Blanca, and this is my site journaling my progress through Weight Watchers. I have my Blog, where I not only journal what I’m going through, but also the things I’m learning about weight loss, I also ...

Spin Jumbie Blog
Thoughts and ramblings of a spin addict

Glycemic Edge
Learn how blood sugar and insulin levels affect your appetite and ability to burn calories and how the glycemic index diet using low glycemic foods can help you lose weight and gain energy.

weight loss, diet, exercise, fitness, hockey...life in general for Mel!

the adventures of shrinking girl
the never-ending story of a girl who is working her way to wellness by healthy eating and regular exercise...

Big Girl on a Bike
A blog about a big girl, who's trying to get smaller, on her bike.


True Story of a NutriSystem Weight Loss Program - Follow The Journey of a Happy Asian Guy
Read about and compare Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, and other leading diet programs. A Happy Asian Guy talks about his daily journey while on the Nutrisystem diet program. See his weight loss p ...

Onederful Bound
A daily record of my attempts to continue my weight-loss journey. After losing 130 pounds, the goal is to now get below 200 pounds, into the "onederfuls."

Janey Loses 100
My site is for tracking my journey of losing 100 pounds while trying not to lose my sanity and my sense of humor.

one day at a time
weight loss website

Dimples No More!
A young woman's journey and struggle with trying to lose the weight after college.

piggy in the sun
on my way to a new life losing weight. i\\\'m not perfect i know i will make mistakes but this will document the good times and the bad.

Hopeful. Strong. Determined. - My wish to be thin!
I am 20 something and getting married in September 2008. I\'ve been overweight all my life, and have a severe ice cream and chocolate addiction. I have PCOS, and I desperately crave children of my own ...

DIE IT or Die
This site is my public voice about a personal struggle to lose more than 200 excess pounds. It will also be how my weight impacts myself, my family, and those around me. And how I learn to step out from ...

That Skinny Bitch
On a mission to get back to being one of those other people...you know..those people we snidely call a skinny bitch. I can hate em' and want to be one too. Wanna join me?

A New Dai
This is the blog of my journey to my goal weight and optimum health.

Wyndancyr's Weightloss Weblog
The accounts of a 30-something woman as she runs, stumbles-but-gets-up-again and dashes toward the “real her”. It isn’t going to be an easy journey. Standing between the “old her” and the “new her” is ...

My Road to Weight Loss
Myroadtoweightloss.com is a blog chronicalling my weight loss journey and that of the community of people who care to share this road with me. Come join us on the road to a healthier you!

I am so done being fat
my day to day challenges of weight loss - and being so done with being fat.

Lighter Life
This blog documents my ups and downs of weight loss, my exercise routines and anything that affects me regarding my weight and losing it, so far I have lost 41 lbs by exercise and eating healthy. I enjoy ...

Master Of My Own Thin Frame
A weight loss and self-improvement blog.

One Woman's Journey Through Life, Fitness, and Food
"This blog will not be a journal, as much as a general log of my progress. It will tell the tales of my successes and the dramas of my failures, both of which are inevitable, but both of which I know I ...

Once Upon A Diet
A not-so-young, no-longer-a-maiden is tired of being big as a castle. I\'ve got the prince. I\'ve got the domain. I just need to slay my bad habit dragons and get my princess body back...as well as that ...

I want to wear a skirt!

Finding Flabuless
The Diet Blog of a Flabuless Diva. Documenting her journey from Flab to Flabuless. Also showcasing her own unique cartoon strip The Lighter Side of Large based on the experiences of a `Fat` Girl looking ...

Hot Thick Chick
Attempting to minimize colossal thighs!

Steve v4.6
My personal weight loss chronicle.

Sunny Days
My personal experiences on the Diet Rollercoaster - -Hoping that this time I'll finally be able to get off and put my feet on solid ground once and for all.

Fat That
Fat That! Sick of being fat! My journey towards a new me.

a Grande Lemon Slice
A NY girl\\\'s 90 day journey to fitness, financial freedom and fertility.

Wii Weight
I'll be blogging about using the Wii as an addition to my currently feeble exercise routine. I'll post on these goals, plus note whether I ate well or not, since I don't track calories. I'll post weekly ...

A Body's Journey
Journey of a college student loosing weight and getting healthy.