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Click Member link to see site in tvMy filmmaking Site
My is both personal & busines driven! One half of my site is about filmmaking and the other half is about everyday stuff!

The Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

What Are Words For...
Posts about my life with my lovely partner, our 3 cats, work and my In-Laws.

A Skeptical Blog
A skeptical look at the world through the eyes of magician and political activist Dominion

fluttergirl.com - fuzzy memories
want some candy, little girl?

Losin' It
A diet and lifestyle journal of a 20something writer in Texas.

stories, musings, rants

Random thoughts that range from metaphysical examinations of things around us, to the day's current headline, to passive rebellion of social mores.

H-Town Blogs
We are a resource for the Houston-area blogging community. Do you keep a blog or on-line journal and also live in the Houston/Galveston area? Then join us!

Pure Libel
The life of a disgruntled Texas collegian, complete with humorous stories, anecdotes, pictures, and links. Stop by and have a good time!

South Texas Law Professor
Daily musings and reactions from a professor at South Texas College of Law

zenophobia: enlightened fear
Observations of the ordinarily bizarre world of Journalistic reporting, religious zealotry and evolution news.

Shades of Gray (Umbrae Canarum)
Theology, politics, philosophy....and whatever else comes to mind.

Automatic Say
A weblawg devoted to bankruptcy law, legal issues and politics, focusing on the Fifth Circuit and Texas.

Swanky Conservative

art on a limb
A site to share what I\'m thinking, doing, and creating... not necessarily in that order.

The Story Of Us
daily posts of my life as an army wife, mother of 3 boys. retelling the stories from my husband proudly serving in Iraq.

The Tattooed Texan's Life Observations
The daily life observations of a tattooed Texas Def Leppard fan who happens to be a mother also.

beat the hell outta t.u.!
The everyday ramblings of a screwed up Texas Aggie.

The Weirdest Ones...
My random, fun, and weird life. Comes with everything you see here including free, yummy quotes of the week.

Confessions of a Bibliophile
A functioning agoraphobic woman shares her love of reading.

So I\'ve got a blog . . . Now what?
This is my personal blog. It\'s about whatever strikes my fancy whenever it is my fancy is struck.

Upon Further Review

Owlish Muttecommunitys
Online diary more than linkfest; random thoughts about life, liberty, and the pursuit of a boyfriend.

Musings of a Blonde Merryweather
Random stories, complaints and insights from a \"glass half empty\" kind of woman.

Tex the Pontificator
Commentary and Doggerel

Web site of Joe & Lori Bravo. Links to several of our blogs. 96% Native Texans. Joe moved here when he was two. Lori was born here -- so was her mother, and her grandmother.

The Adventures of Me.
the misadventures of my life, nothing of importance

My collection of news, politics and other items of interest from a Republican Christian point of view.

Life Undercover
True stories and excerpts of the life of an undercover drug agent in Texas.

We Are the Resistance
Otto von Bismarck said \"If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made.\" My experience is, you\'re gonna get fed the sausages anyway. Better keep the lights on and insist ...

Prolific Punditite
I am the self proclaimed first 21st Century Renaissance Woman who will conquer the world one child, love and life at a time; the master of a hell of a lot and the student of even more.

Media Lies
Focused on media criticism and US politics

Blog of the Rotting Dead
A place for me write my horror movie reviews, to blab, ponder, and vent. I\'ll talk about zombies, living dead, horror, The Cure and who knows what else!?

I Love Texas
Texas is the best state in the U.S. Period.

SeniorGato\'s Froody Compendium of Games and Stuff
This is just a fun site to show off all the cool stuff on the web. I post lots of current events and stuff. No politics here. In fact, no contraversial stuff. That stuff is too depressing, it\'s best ...

Suzann\'s TextileFusion
Texan textile artist talks about knitting, writing, making art, and raising a couple of daughters in rural Texas.

Lubbock Source
Covecommunity Lubbock city and social issues because well, someone has to.

ill-sorted ephemera
random blog, often posting updates on austin band The Casting Couch, mostly, though, vagues sociopolitical commentary that results in much linking to other people\'s blogs.

C-Pol: Constitutionalist, Conservative Politics
Politics, culture and religion from an American constitutionalist, conservative perspective.

Memoirs, Essays, Humorous Social Commentary

News from Saguaro Blues
Irregular & impromptu postings from Saguaro Blues Ranch, nestled in the hills above the Pedernales River Valley

Home-Based Entrepreneur
News, commentary, and helpful ideas for those entrepreneurs building their business from home, and in particular for entrepreneurs in the elearning field.

UH Conservative Underground
Our mission is to expose the tripe in University of Houston liberalism. We get disgusted at the libs on the UH Daily Cougar with their lies/falsehoods/negativisms and those libs who gather all over campus ...

Unite Later
Evangelical southern baptist homeschool business owner and sometimes home repair handyman. Procrastination in College Station.

All Things Longhorn
News and analysis of University of Texas athletics.

....thanks for the memories
As I walk the path of life today... Things I recollect are jogged... Sights, sounds, feelings... Hence, my memory is blogged!

Dont Mess With Taxes
Taxes. Sure, they stink. But you have to pay up or pay a bigger price. Find tax news, tips, commentary and humor on this unique tax blog with a Texas spin by Austin-based professional journalist Kay Bell, ...

My life can be bocommunity but can also be interesting as hell, I\'m a hairdresser (drama city!) and the mother of a 4 year old with a marriage about to collapse and I\'m not afraid to spill my guts. So ...

Tripping thorugh the Wilderness
Random musing from ym perspective. I am a Texas transplant (lived here over 15 years), raised a Military Brat. I favor indepent, locally-owned business (otherwise known as capitalism), energy independnece, ...