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A collection of weblogs whose owners reside in the beautiful state of Texas.

Cheap Seats
A sports blog by an Austin guy who loves sports. Primarily focuses on the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Tech Red Raiders (and the Big 12 Conference).

I\'m a graduate student that spends too much time on the computer. This is to show my art and my thoughts. Hope you enjoy...

Rainbow\'s Point
Just my private place to air my thoughts.

1000 Psychic Hillbillies
Anecdotes and observations from a former road dog turned scholar.

Texas Threads
A personal journey through the wild world of politics, history, entertainment, and life

3 gallons of coffee and nowhere to go
highly caffeinated. and highly susceptible to bouts of funny.

Susan's Journal
The life, work, and opinions of a thirty-something year old wife, mom, and photographer.

Attentions & Distractions
This is a compilation of attentions to and distractions from my legal studies.

Interstellar Adventure
I am 30 years old. I have two fantastic children, and two crazy dogs. I\'ve lived in Texas all of my life, much to my disappointment (there\'s a big world out there people!). This blog will be a record ...

Texas girl who\'s conservative but green, a single mom and a soldier\'s girlfriend ...

Tomorrow Now

Mainly rambles about singer/song writers info on concerts, concert reviews, mp3s

Mostly about whatever I'm thinking about today, but recurcommunity themes will be politics, military issues, history, terrorism, transnational threats, intelligence, and life in Rowlett, Texas.

Texas Oasis
Personal views, life in Austin, music, movies, events, catblogging

Ivy Tied Up
I do not claim to be a talented writer, a journalist,or anything of the sort. My blog may contain misspellings and poor grammar. But thats okay because it is mine..

Austin Blogger
Best of the Austin Blogs

The Transplanted Texan
I\'m not sure if this is acceptable, but I am most certainly a Texan - I lived in Waco for the first 19 years of my life. While it\'s true that I now live in Toronto, Ontario (and write on the vast differences ...

Neighbors Against Kilworth Manor
This Neighborhood weblog is geared toward the residents of Lower Montrose in Houston who live near the Kilworth Manor B&B. The Kilworth Manor is a wedding factory that constantly plays live bands and DJ's ...

A look at my views on many subjects, depending on what strikes my interest at the time. I approach life from a conservative, Christian viewpoint.

JABbecommunity Stooge
A random shmuck mouthing off about the world around him. Politics and the occasional non-political commentary can be found here. Let\'s turn Texas from red to blue!

A Friend Forever
My best friend and I always have a lot of fun. We always have new pictures and videos of memories we make.

Chica Chic
Stuff going on in my everyday life. Sometimes cool, sometimes not, and sometimes I just need to bitch and get something off my chest.

Book reviews and more by a Neurotic Fishgirl.

The Curmudgeonly Clerk
The Unsolicted Commentaries, Caveats, and Criticism of an Anonymous Federal Law Clerk

Life in the Big City
I'm at a loss for words. Come see for yourself.