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This Community is ment for the Officers and Crewmen of Outpost 10F, the Star Trek Chat.

Lorina's Star Trek & SciFi Universe
This spectacular site features picture galleries, sound rooms, and various links, related to Star Trek. Additional rooms are dedicated to the X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Marks Trek site
Site about Romulans

USS Valor
The USS Valor is a PBEM intrepid class sim ship and the Flagship of Sakaris Fleet. A member of the Gamma Quadrant HQ.

U.S.S. Armitron
A Play by Chat Star Trek simm, A Prometheus Tye vessel serving the SIMMFederation

Angelus' Gallery - Star Trek
Angelus' Gallery - Star Trek -- drawed Star Trek Pics: Alternative Uniforms, Wallpaper...etc.

Starfleet LCARS
Welcome aboard. Please access the nearest LCARS interface to familiarize yourself with the ship and her systems. A complete technical listing of all ship systems and protocols is available to junior officiers ...

The USS Avenger's LCARS Menu System
This website is the homepage of the USS Avenger, a Star Trek RPG based in Yahoo! Groups