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The Community of Teddy Bears was created to unite all teddy bear related pages. It is open to teddy bear related sites only --- artists, collectors, bearmakers, or teddy bear retailers. Sites must offer teddy bear content in order to be considered.

Teddy Bear's Gif Shop
There's lots of Teddy Bears and a whole lot more! There is alot of clipart, backgrounds & more for all your seasonal and holiday use. Please feel free to have a look around, and I hope you enjoy what ...

Ika's Puppenmode
Manufacturer of high quality teddybear and doll fashions with an extensive catalogue and material options. But also specialising in one-off and special requirements.

Dana's Tiny Teddies
Hand sewn, miniature, artist collectable teddy bears by Canadian artist Dana Ardiel. Come and see my variety of Tiny Teddies.

Ruin's Bruins
Robi Ruinsky designs and creates soft sculpture animals of many species including bears, cats, dogs, horses,{;}bison, unicorns, shrimp, pigs, cows{;}and many many more!

púca bears
I make bears, character bears and furry sculptures. All are made from mohair (mostly Schulte) and all are of my own design. All my bears have posable arms and fingers and all are individuals.

Teddy Bears and Others!
Beautiful hand-crafted teddy bears out of plush faux fur with 5 functional joints. Teddy Bear Gift Baskets available too!

Bearlyville Bears by Vicki-Lynn Smith
Beautiful collector bears from Australia by Vicki-Lynn Smith of Bearlyville Bears in Sydney.

heatherfield bears
Heatherfield bears has been one of the German sources for over 10 years.

Libby's Teddy Bear Box
Teddy Bears, Family Links, Teddies, Globes, And did I say teddies?

Buzzy's World
The life and adventures of a family of teddybears living and traveling on a yacht, our ever expanding family can get in to more than you can believe!!

Ohio Valley Bears
Ohio Valley Bears are the bears that make you smile. My site is just a sampling of unusual character bears. They range in sizes 16"-24", mohair and quality faux fur. Very resonable prices.

Beertjes Globe's
Selfmade globe's of bears

DustyBear - Handmade Collector's Bears
All of my bears are lovingly hand-sewn from a variety of mohairs, most of them weacommunity something stylish around the neck

Home of the Teddy Bear Monger
where teddy bears are wrought

Die Kitzbüheler Bären von Elisabeth Werner
Die Kitzbüheler Bären (The Kitzbuhel Teddies) are one-of-a-kind teddybears, all made with love from valuable materials: real mohair, suedine, real glass eyes.

The Bear Ladies
The site displays the handcrafted mohair teddybears made by bear artist Betty Dunford.

The Little Joe Bear Company
Many one of a kind and small limited edition teddys from award winning Canadian artists Mike & Lisa Cheney.

Country Critters
Come visit Country Critters if you love to collect handmade country bears,bunnies & mice! I handcrafted these sweet critters and they're hoping to be adopted into a loving home! Maybe yours? Come for a ...

keepsake bears etc...
handmade keepsake bears created from your cherished fabrics and furs. I also do giant 4' cuddly fleece teddybears great for kids while reading, watching tv, or just lounging.

Bearoness Bears
Please come visit our Bearoness Bears?crew from West Oz.Check out our range of teds designed by Louise D.[award and trophy winning bear artist],vintage bears,antique/vintage bear collars,teddybear passports,colored ...

Teddy Bear Lovers
A community of bear lovers from all over the world. The site is full of pictures, poems and stories about Bears. Come join a great group of Bear lovers!

Moon Dolphins
It is a Japanese teddy raise in basic wages artist.It is a Japanese teddy raise in basic wages artist.

Die kleinen Strolche
Teddy bears of high quality designed and hand made by German teddy bear artist Kirsten Koester.

All About Bear
A fun, bear's eye view into the world of a 4-year-old's stuffed animal.

Bearlly Getting Dressed
From My Imagination(which is totally strange) to You, Cuddly,Cute Bears, Angels of Love &Warmth