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Teardrop trailers seem to have found new life thanks to their cool design and ability to give you a lot of space for very little money. Whether for business or pleasure, this is one vehicle that'll never go out of style and we've got them right here.
This is a community for those who are interested in Teardrop Trailers. We have Teardrop Trailers for sale and more. Find tearsrop trailer plans, camping info, kits and more. There is no cooler camper than the Teardrop Trailer. Have a browse around and see for yourself.

Teardrop Trailers For Sale, Parts, Plans, Information
It's all here! Teardrop Trailers used for Sale. Teardrop Trailers Plans, Camping, Camper, Kit, How to build and much, much more...

Teardrop Trailers For Sale
We've got Used Teardrop Trailers for Sale as well as Teardrop Trailers Plans. For Camping or business, we have Campers, Kits, How to build a trailer and much more all right here!

Teardrop Trailers Making A Comeback

It's like a blast from the past – the teardrop trailer is making a comeback!

The streamlined, compact travel trailer, which gets its name from its teardrop profile, first became popular in the 1930s. It continued to be a camping vehicle favorite until the 1960s, when they disappeared from mainstream use. Now they're coming back into favor again with old and young alike!

A teardrop trailer ranges from 4 to 6 feet in width, 8 to 10 feet in length and 4 to 5 feet in height. Fender-covered wheels are outside the body. Inside a teardrop trailer there's room for two people to sleep as well as storage for clothes and other items. Outside, in the rear under a hatch, there is a cooking area referred to as the galley. Batteries supply lighting and power, although some teardrops have 110-volt power hookups like other, larger travel trailers.

Teardrop trailers are so light, usually less than 1,000 pounds, that just about any vehicle can tow one easily without needing much extra gas to compensate for lost mileage. What does this mean? It means that it'll save you money in comparsion to some of your other trailer choices and it also means a cheap alternative if you're a group of students lookin' to head out on the ultimate road trip this summer! Definitely cheaper than backpacking aross Europe!

It's beleived that the aerodynamic 'teardrop' shape of the trailer also has a lot to do with it's gas saving ways. And here I thought the shape was strictly for cuteness!

The teardrop trailer phenomenon is not confined to any one country. Teardrop trailer builders are found throughout the Americas, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

In the mid-1930s magazines such as Mechanics Illustrated published plans for teardrops. The plans were drawn with the idea of using standard 4-by-8 plywood sheets with hardwood spars.

By the late 1990s, teardrop trailer plans became available on the Internet. Contemporary builders found that advanced adhesives such as urethane glues made it easier to build a teardrop trailer from less expensive woods. The strength of the glue created a structural skin that supported the wood and also compensated somewhat in case an inexperience woodworker's panels didn't quite line up properly.

Teardrop trailers have received media exposure on the Travel Channel, HGTV, the Speed Channel, the Price is Right, and the internet. Actually, the internet may be your best bet for finding a teardrop trailer. Let's face it, your chances of finding teardrop trailers for sale online are a lot higher than getting on the Price is Right and winning one!

More recently, the teardrop trailer concept has been adapted to a commercial use. In this version, the trailer is designed to be used with commercial tractor units to carry goods. In this way, the trailer aerodynamics are considered along with the tractor as a single unit, in which "teardrop" refers to the entire combination, not just the trailer.These commercial units currently operate only in the United Kingdom since their overall height center, at 4.5 meters, exceeds the 4-meter height standard in Europe and most of the United States.