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Living with TBI Cliff Weaver
This is a site that just might help some people and I no I can. I have came threw life with TBI and have maid and so can others. I am here to help any one that wants help.

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In My Solitude
Brain injury: a personal perspective, coping and moving on after a tbi with focus on personal growth and setting goals to overcome deficits, including a daily journal and fibromyalgia links.

Derry's Near Death Experience & Spiritual Poetry
This site was set up for the public to read Derry's recollections, thru the written word, of her Near Death Experience and her poetic prose. A collection of her free verse poetry is found here. All of ...

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Michael & Becky's Story

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Pittsburgh Area Brain Injury Alliance
The Pittsburgh Area Brain Injury Alliance website is dedicated to the people who sustain traumatic brain injuries and their families. All persons are welcome to visit. We provide information, links to ...

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Welcome To The World Of TBI
The Emotions and feelings of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor along with the long term aftereffects. Shacommunity with you her story, frustrations and Poetry.

Susie's Homepage for care givers and TBI survivors who like to chat and help other understand how it feel to be a TBI survivor so I can better understand my son and how he feels. I will share what little ...

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