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Mazell's TBI Homepage

Malinda's Story
Malinda's TBI Story

Shane Witt
Shane Witt's TBI Story

Jasmine "jazzie" Homepage

Ken Aitken
Ken Aitken's Homepage

Casey Jones
Casey Jones's Homepage

Chris' Web
A chronicle with pictures. {;}The story of pride, trauma, struggle, and inspiration. {;}Take the time and read his story,then be thankful for the little things in life.

Stuart Holden
Stuart "cj8mad" Holden's Homepage

Leah Elliott
Leah "Zoe" Elliott's Homepage

Cheri Woodward
Cheri Woodward's Homepage

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Gary Schichner
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Crystal's Homepage

Typo's Tea
Typo died May, 2001. Athena was moved by the outpoucommunity of love for him at TBI Chat. Her aim is to make a place for people to share their memories with Typo's family and hopefully receive comfort ...

Jude Foster
Jude "haha" Foster's Homepage

Lori Roney
Lori Roney's Homepage{;}{;}

Bev Goreham
Bev "Bev in Iowa" Goreham's Homepage{;}{;}

Welcome To The World Of TBI & Beyond
Personal insight on Traumatic Brain Injury, cause, and basically learning how to live again. Life is about change. Our part is to learn how to accept it and deal with it in a way that will be beneficial ...

Mark For Life
TBI Survivor. Wedding in Crete. TBI story published in newspapers, magazines and radio.

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William R. Ferguson Jr.
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James McRae
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Mark W.
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Lisa Wilson
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Robert Lapete
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Alan Hentzler's Homepage
Alan Hentzler's Homepage

Gloria Snavely's Homepage
Gloria Snavely's Homepage

Melissa "Missy'"

Living with TBI
To give and get information about TBI and life check out this page

Amybeth Sacra
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Sean Paul Clanton
Sean "CSP" Paul Clanton Homepage

Belinda's Homepage
Belinda's Homepage

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