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Homepages dedicated to Brain Injury Survivors, Caregivers and Friends. Includes message boards, stories and more.

life is sacred
short reflection on life written by a tbi survivor. site has a blue background, no moving animations or flashy lights, and a few good links to tbi themes also written by sapphoq. sapphoq can be found ...

Dean Pursell Jr's
Dean "Dino" Pursell Jr's Homepage

Kathy Gillis
Kathy Gillis's Homepage

Carl Dorskoff
Carl Dorskoff's Homepage

Suzanne Huse
Suzanne "suzy" Huse's Homepage

Bill Salmons Jr. Life After Brain Trauma
all about my life after my accident May, 2nd 1990

Purple's Pages
This is one of my personal pages that explains how I came to happily sit at my desk all day.

C. Alan Von Derau
C. Alan Von "Brainbefried" Derau's Homepage

Maggie Krauss
Maggie "mert-n-wade" Krauss's Homepage

Elizabeth "beth"'s Homepage

Beckyfromtexas's Homepage{;}

Cindy's Homepage

Adam "Adaman"'s Homepage

Martha Bettinger
Martha Bettinger's Homepage

Anna Grace Welborn
Anna Grace Welborn's Homepage

Pamela Falls
Pamela Falls's Homepage

Jamie Ryan
Jamie Ryan's Homepage

Ryan's Homepage

Kasey's Homepage

Lindsey "Z"'s Homepage

Survivor's Home Page
This site is the same thing as survivor.2itb.com. I'm just moving that site and Alicia's Page to another host. I am going to be able to do a lot more with host.

Roger's Website
My TBI Story

Daniel Brown Sr.'s Homepage
My TBI Homepage

Artists with Brain Injuries
Visual Arts, Writings-Poems and Musicians' stories post/pre brain injury. Works displayed all by individual artists survivors of traumatic brain injury or acquired brain injury. Advocacy on behalf of TBI/BI ...

Denny's Homepage