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Do you really love your teddy bear as much as I do LOL? Then join our chain!

Teresa's Doll Corner
My collection of adoptions, recipes, quilts and a small adoption shoppe 4 you.

~*~Teddie Luv~*~
Gotta love teddies, to adopt globes, friends, holidays, teddie luv, Come join the fun, teddies are mouse drawn & the original artist.

Pixel Paradise
This site is full of sig tags and premades for emails, websites and message boards all pixel painted by me.

My site is themed on memories and remembecommunity. I have pages about elderly care and abuse, my stamp and adoption collection. quilts (featucommunity my memories of yesterday quilt), poems, mouse drawn ...

Teresa's Adoption Corner
My Adopted cuties as well as a small adoption shop.

Teddy Bear Quilts
My collection of Teddy pages,with quilts, history stories or poems

Teddy's Chocletania
My site is for all the chocolate and teddy bear lovers out there. You're welcome to visit :).

Sun, Moon and Stars
This is my personal site with sections for each of my interests: Canada (Including Canadian Idol), Garage Sales, Psychology, Reading, Music, Making Graphics, Charms, Quilts, Stamps, Family, Pets, Groups ...