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This community links artists using the famous vintage Roland TB 303 in their compositions (emulated versions only are not allowed).

Oldschool Techno/Trance and Gear

Acid/Trance Real-Audio-Trax, pictures 'bout me & my equipment, biography u.a. chEck iT oUt

The Creators of Electronic Dance Music!
Tools for Dance Music!

Mute8 Industries Ltd.
Music, TB-303, Powerkiting and other bullshit!

Analog Warriors
a german live act playing acid music my sound is addicted to the TB303 & TR909 ... nothing could beat that sound ! Get free downloads of Vintage Manuals and Mp3's here !!!

Belgian Info site.{;}Arkanoid, Eliminator, Dr.Fernando,...{;}Binary Bassline records{;}Lots of links

French producer of House and Dub oriented electronic music

Blasterhead Web

Dirty girls and dirty tracks, naughty club people. Hard dance music with punkbITCH’s special feminine touch. See you there, Leah xxx (punkbITCH)