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We (my daughter and I) are beginning our homeschooling journey. We lead a Waldorf inspired lifestyle, and will be using the Enki kg curriculum. I am also an herbalist and often blog about that.

Uncommon Grace
A mother of two seeks mindfulness in her daily life, while explocommunity homeschooling from a Waldorf perspective.

Islamic Homeschool Diary

Easing into "Waldorf"
A peek into the transitioning of our homeschool to a more Waldorf or Steiner approach to childhood and learning.

Magic Days
Suggestions for living an enchanted life, celebrating seasonal festivals and special family days, making crafts, and bcommunitying wonder into everyday life.

The Sun with Loving Light . . .
Sandi shares information about Waldorf-inspired home education,mixed in with a bit of yoga and spiritual philosophy. Growing day by day.

Littlest Birds
The blog of a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling mama to two remarkable girls.

Rockin' Granola
a little bit "crunchy" and a little bit rock'n'roll

The Spirit of Science
A homeschooling dad, teacher educator, and scientist's conjucommunitys on art, science, and the education of the spirit.

Our Little House
Musings about life from our little home nestled amongst the trees...

Red Dirt Mother
Happy Mom of 5 blogs about living a biodynamic life. Welcome!

Welcome to Munchkinland
Because we wanted to ensure that our children grow to be weird like us.

Mother Lover Goddess
Essays on life from a natural living mom

Joyful Liberation
journal of an unschooled family

Renaissance Mama
daily journal about living and learning with people I love

Eileen's Place
Eileen is a WAHM to four beautiful daughters and runs a nature based childcare program out of her Connecticut home.

Our Holistic Life
I keep my blog updated regularly with crafts and nature study a la waldorf style.

Spinning Yarns
Waldorf-inspired cooperative formed to share stories, love of nature and art and inspire our home educted children.

A Little Garden Flower
This is the personal side of the Nielsen's. We are a goofy bunch. We love what we do and enjoy spending time watching these children grow.

A home with a wooley mama in a lillyzoo

Our life as we live it....
this is a personal site of our family entailing its journey through life

own two hands
A journal of our days as a homeschooling family. Shacommunity our creative ideas and inspiration through crafting with children, art, music and nature. We have been waldorf inspired since the birth of ...

Shirl, More or Less
Here ... running a business, making little felt folk, painting, sewing, cooking, home educating in an eclectic way, sometimes with Waldorf and sometimes without; recording it all through the digital delights ...

La casa nella prateria
Learning in the prairie

Platt Discovery Cottage
A new site (under construction as we speak) with a blog about homeschooling. I have a waldorf-inspired homeschool. We use Enki materials and I am looking into Oak Meadow. We also have Little Acorn ...

Natural Suburbia
We are a Waldorf Homeschooling Family from South Africa. We grow organic veggies, have free range chickens and are environmentally conscious.

Mountain Pulse
Mommy, Massage Therapist, Artist, living in a mountainous hanging valley nestled above another valley in Alaska. I'll be bloging about my family and our experiences- with an emphasis on Waldorf education ...

Circus Life
Living a dream. Learning together.

Wild Culture
We are a delight driven, nature loving, story telling, soup slurping, bread kneading, paint splashing, song singing, wool felting, anti consumerist, fair trading, free cycling, skill gathecommunity, ...

threemoons and the sea
Trying to figure out the hsing thing ;-) we arte drawn to waldorf and unschooling.....

Natural Playgarden
my waldorf inspired journey in life,homeschool and handwork

Ninny Noodle Noo Blog
Loving, living and learning in South Yorkshire, England.

Harvest Moon by Ann
Follow the journey of a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling family through the school year as well as its business, Harvest Moon by Hand.

Seeds of Kindness
Our days as a Waldorf and Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool family with two boys; living withing our means; growing green in a brown, dry land; cultivating a happy home and sowing seeds of kindness ...

Chubbas 'n Boop
Here you will find the tales of a silly, loud, creative, nature explocommunity, homeschooling, Elvis loving, art making, cooking and baking, learning wood working, thrift store shopping, beginner sewing, ...

Tree of Life Homeschool
~Welcome! We're Quaker homeschoolers following the Enki approach to education and just beginning our journey. This is a personal scrapbook, a way for us to connect with other Quaker families and Enki ...

Tree of Life Musings
~I am really fascinated with holistic educational theory, child development and psychology, and Quaker faith and practice, and how all of that relates to my real life. Where do all those things overlap ...

Riggs Family Waldorf Unschoolers
I have a blog dedicated to Waldorf homeschooling and unschooling,AP, and Organic living. I am a traditional Waldorf alumni and my husband and I Waldorf unschool our children.

Sunshine Cottage
We are a Christian homeschooling family using Charlotte Mason and Waldorf ideas.

Five Carmonas
personal blog of the Five Carmonas and our Stone Mountain Homeschool in the mountains of western North Carolina

dreaming the rain
Homeschooling and living with a mix of Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, and unschooling.

The Autumn Oak
A waldorf inspired homeschooling mom raising three boys who are also raising me.

Chocolate Eyes
blog about my life raising my son, Michael

Over the Crescent Moon
Crafts, Cooking, Homeschooling, gardening, and the occasionally rant

Through the Eye of the Needle and Down the Rabbit Hole
I am a certified Waldorf teacher, homeschooling my daughter. Please join us on our quest for vitality and authenticity.

Little Acorns Journey
A documentation of our Waldorf homelearning journey as well as some of my crafting, including needlefelting.

Home of Hearts
Chronicles of our family's adventures in Waldorf Inspired Homeschooling and the strange paths our Interests lead us into Journey on.

Our Waldorf Homeschool Journey
Our families blog, where we share our experiences and resources for all things Waldorf, everything from education to bio-dynamic homesteading, to craft patterns and recipes.

Silly Goose Mama
Homeschooling mama to seven silly geese. We love to celebrate festivals and listen to fairy tales and stories about gnomes and faeries.

The Dreamtime Years
Come share with us as we journey with our children through their early "dreamtime" years. We recognize the hopeful and native innocence of children, who naturally expect the world to be good and true. ...