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This community is for all the people that have adopted fantasy critters from The Adoption Page =) You are eligible if you have adopted a critter from TAP, or if you have a fantasy adoption agency you wish to promote. I'm not too picky, so come on in and join! =D

Lazsh's Cyber Adoptions
This site has been around for almost 5 years and has grown from one adoptable pet (the Sparkle Dragons) to include a variety of creatures. Everything from dragons and faeries to 80s adoptables like She-Ra, ...

JenJen's Homepage
Anime: SailorMoon, Digimon, Cardcaptors{;}Links: Adoption Places, Great Sites{;}Other Stuff: Neopets, Online Diary

Meriwyn's Kingdom
An enchanted journey in a magical realm where you can visit exotic lands and the lovely creatures inhabiting them. Adopt one, fill out the adoption form, put up a link and your off !! Enjoy ! =^_^=

Open Adoption
open adoption, adoption forum, adoption message board, birthmoms, birthparent information, different types of adoption info, and our story!

Tigers Adoption
I'm just starting. You can adopt a dragon or peguses.

Rem's Fantasy Adoption
My own little corner of the universe where my own little critters live and those I found that were just to cute to live without

Wiccan Goth Tavern
A wiccan/goth/fantasy all in one!

*~Magic of the Moonlight~*
It's a site dedicated to the musical CATS.

Great place for babues of all kinds! Pics, gifs, and links as well!!

Chibutsu Adoption Center
Adopt a Chibutsu, an anime style cyberpet that keeps your page company, and watch it grow. Breeding will be available when I get traffic.

Ehcora Adoptions
A site where one can apply for an Ehcora kit! Ehcoras are strange creatures,probably somewhere between a wolf and a pegasus, invented by Fleetwinter.

Shan's Arty Attic
New adoptions and images, original, backgrounds, site's content will increase, psp tubes, textures, globes and a gallery of artwork. Visit often!{;}

Penny Adoptions
A small adoption and tribute site, featucommunity pets and chibi characters.....

My site has lots to do, I have alot of pictures and grafics, i have a dance page, club, and all sorts of things, i love fairys and mythical beings they are all so amazin and beautiful so if you share my ...

Just a little info about me and my family and the things I like.

Selena's Sanctuary
Come and see all the cool cyberpets i have adopted from various agencies and maybe u could get one of youre own!

cimorene0's page
adopted virtual pets on every main page, except the review pages. also a few pages for adopted specialty pets, only adopted a kysiya and a danyo mermaid so far. non-virtual pet things are mainly collections ...