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This community is for parrot lovers who are interested in shacommunity their parrot's talking abilities.

Marsha's Exotic Birds
My site is about my love for Exotic Birds...Tigger a Scarlet Macaw...Pepper a blue and gold macaw..Peanut a yellow crown amazon..Peaches a yellow nape amazon..Banjo a blue and gold macaw...Angel a Cockatoo..and ...

Charlotte & Puka
Photos of our African Grey Parrot named Charlotte who already talks at only 4 months of age. Also photos of Puka, our senegal parrot. Drop by today for a PEACEful visit!

Kathys' Best Exotic Bird Resources
20 pages of bird resources, information and support for the owners of pet birds. Respectfully dedicated to Alex, the Africa Grey parrot who enlightened the world regarding the intelligence of the spec ...

Best For Birds By Kathy
To share a few tidbits of knowledge gleaned from my web surfing and 50 plus years of personal bird ownership experience; to point bird owners and prospective bird owners in the right direction. I have ...