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A community for bloggers and journallers who can't help but leave comments behind when they read something good.

Knitters are funny; we keep you in stitches. A blog about knitting the good life.

Another senseless blog coming to you from Savannah, GA.

dreaming in denmark
see what comes out of an unhealthy fascination with Hamlet?

Interesting links, musings about everything

This is Luka's blog.

the story of a girl who shares truth for hopeless romantics in the digital world. its a journal all about me!

Lilli Marleen
Thoughts and opinions from the european continent about life, love, the universe and the whole rest. If you don't like what I write you can still get alaugh about my english!{;}

The Pat Cook Show - Pat's Blog
This is a blog that serves as a way of me speaking my mind. It will serve many purposes including serve as a compliment to my Internet Radio (and soon!) TV shows on the Jeeper One Radio & Television ...

lily of the valley

fairy fluttecommunitys
Just a twentysomething fairy, living her life and shacommunity her thoughts{;}

otto's new pad
I'll share my thoughts and invite you to share yours!{;}

The Enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random thoughts, ideas, observations, rants, raves, and adventures of a man trapped in a world he did not create.

Drink this...
The random rants, raves and recommendations of one tall glass of milk

Carrieoke's Knitting Blog
The knitting blog of a 27 yr old computer geek dog-lover in a college town.

Ask Daddy - Mommy is Off Duty
Ramblings about me, my family and my so-called adventures. I am a WAHM of a three-year-old genius. To pay the bills I am a medical transcriptionist and online retailers of women's lingerie and kid's ...

Jet's Life: The Misadventures of a Spoilt Brat
Come check out the drama in my life. Updated frequently, so be sure to check back.

Dorene Lorenz
Only half the lies are true in these tales told by Alaskan author, artist, designer Dorene M. Lorenz.

Pandora\'s Box
A blog where one girl looks to find the meaning of life. Is it 42? Or is there more? She tells it like it is, even if it\'s not pretty.

The Left Wing Conservative
This is an Internet Only Radio & TV show for the average Pat. Advocating for the vast majority of us who, contrary to the beliefs of the Republican Party, DO NOT own our own home and/or business and MUST ...