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Devoted to the promotion of new and evolving resources for Twilight 2000 and other GDW RPG's

Cav Scout's Twilight 2000 Page
An assortment of stuff for T2K First Ed., still very much under construction

Autumn Twilight
An extended list of characters and a log of my current campaign. It has detailed descriptions of the running of the modules "Escape from Kalisz", "The Free City of Krakow", "Pirates of the Vistula", "the ...

Jim's T2K pages
A heady mix of amazing Twilight 2000 information!{;}(In reality, a few pages of stuff, T2K to Cyberpunk 2020 conversion. A few new pieces of equipment and some other stuff.)

Loonz Twilight 2000 Pages
A list of most web links and a great many resources for players and referees of Twilight 2000 by GDW.