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the BxS/SxB community; for all you believers of BradxSchu ^.^

Schu's Thin Mint
The one and only SchulderichxCrawford shrine on the net! The page dedicated to their lo~ove. (from Weiss Kreuz.)

the Bloodstained Business Suit
A place of worship for the so-evil-but-so-good-at-it Bradley Crawford and Schwarz.{;}

Schwarz Contradiction
Another Schwarzy shrine. ^_^ Profiles, humor, cards, fanstuff and more.

SL's Guide to World Takeover
The one and only ShadowLeopard. Okay, so there might be more than one. But more than one BradxSchu no Miko ShadowLeopard?{;}

eidolon tree, archived
website for Eidolon Tree's fanfiction. weiss kreuz, gravitation heavy content. almost all my wk fics are bxs/sxb yaoi. {;}