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Perhaps a little contrary to the name of this community, the purpose of Silence: Vincent Valentine Community is to bcommunity together the many Vincent Valentine fan-sites out there on the web, and to help make them more accessible to the multitude of Vincent fans who can never quite get enough of this beloved FFVII character of dark mysteries. In silence, we unveil Vincent Valentine in all his exquisite splendor.

Painful Sins
Here on this corner of the Earth all sins(shrines), faults(extra fun) and nightmares(fanworks) do lie. Come here and find the judgement of The Sinner.

Azure Dreams
An intensive site with fanarts/fanfics, including the brand-new FFVII fic entitled "My View From the Window." Includes midis, galleries, and more!!

Where the Dream Ends and the Nightmare Begins
This is a tale of Vincent and his path to redemption from not only his past, but the gloom he feels with the help of his friends. This site also features a few FF7 poems by me.

The Illusionary World of Vincent Valentine
uhh...uhh...my site description? {;}---Vincent, Vincent, Vincent, Vincent, Vincent, and more Vincent. {;}...Oh, and by the way, did I mention that it was about Vincent? ^^;;;{;}and alot of stolen pic ...

The Fortress of Solitude
A site with a good collection of fanfiction regarding FF7 and FF8! Plus, a Vincent shrine, guides, and the Gold Saucer Battle Arena.

The Nightmare Of Vincent Valentine
A Vincent Valentine Shrine

dying valentine :: coldhearted
Website for the yaoi relationships between the characters in ffvii with fanfiction, fanart, ygalleries, listings and more.

Dark Corner
Welcome to my little dark corner of the internet. This is where I keep my art, writings, and various things of interest. Iíve got a nice little Vincent section with opinions and theories, and some fan ...

Final Fantasy Fan Fiction Page
A steadily growing collection of fan fics, revolving around the center of my universe, Vincent Valentine.

Lonely Tormented Nightmare:Vincent!
A small shrine ta one of my fav chars from FFVII, Vincent Valentine. ^_^

The Little Tree's Page of Stories
A site dedicated to trees and Vincent Valentine! Sports a few original fanfics, one by the site owner herself based around Vincent (along with its growing sequel!) Also some other stuff, like original ...

Heart Beat Sensation!
Has a good FF7 section, a (small) Vincent Shrine, humor, links, galleries, writing, Dragon Ball Z, and shrines to other wonderful creatures.

The Madhouse
A slightly insane site dedicated to my favourite Final Fantasy characters, as well as housing my fan fiction, art and poetry. You can adopt your own character here!

Silence ~ Vincent Valentine community home page
This is where Silence ~ Vincent Valentine Community's homepage is housed. If you have a Vincent fan-site, please visit and consider adding your site to this community! ^_^

Serpentís tale: an anime/RPG fanfics and fanarts site, including original creations.

Valentine Dreams
A relitively new Vincents site with a little about Seph and the Turks. I have fanfics and fanart.

Crimson Shadow
A shrine dedicated to my most beloved Final Fantasy character~sigh~{;}Vincent Valentine! (Who else?){;}Includes Bio, Gallery, Vincents I adopted and other Vincent goodness!

Lost in a Dream
Mostly Vincent and fan fiction. Rather special character pages though... : )

A gray murky sky lurks about the area, the grass seeming to disappear as you approach the gray murky city. The soil is unfertile and dead...this place is Midgar..the start of your adventure

Nibelheim - The ShinRa Mansion
Welcome to Nibelheim, the place where it all began. Tons of character images, mostly fan art. A Vincent Valentine Shrine with over 100 pictures of him. And let's not forget the unique way to explore the ...

A humble website containing my fanfic "I Know What's Beneath the Snow Fields". Includes artwork that I have done, as well as artwork others have kindly donated.

ó R a v e n í s H a v e n ó
A triple shrine to Vincent Valntine of FF7, Marron Glace of Sorcerer Hunters, and Soushi Mahoroba of Thousand Arms with concentration mostly on Vincent. Vincent section includes screen shots, doujinshi ...