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This is a community for all of those who loved The Little Rascals Our Gang show. That show continues to be a favorite with young and old alike and always will be. Connect with others who loved Spanky, Alfalfa, Darlaand the rest of the gang here.
This community is also a great place for collectors as we have all the funniest epsiodes and history here as well. Have a browse around the community and see what Little Rascals treasures you can find!

Little Rascals - Our Gang Photo Collection
A collection of photos from the Little Rascals/Our Gang Series

Little Rascals Our Gang
Little Rascals, Our Gang with Spanky, Alfalfa, Jackie, Farina, Scotty, Buckwheat, Chubby, Stymie, Wheezer, Dickie, Tommy, Mary, Pete in some of their funniest episodes.

Our Gang - The Little Rascals
Our Gang, also known as The Little Rascals or Hal Roach's Rascals, was a long-lived series of American comedy short films about a troupe of poor neighborhood children and the adventures they had toget ...

Remembecommunity Little Rascals Our Gang
Little Rascals Our Gang was not only fun to watch but also groundbreaking for television and our world. See what the gang did for our world as we know it.

What Little Rascals Our Gang Did For Televison and Our World
Who could forget the lovable Spanky and quirky Alfalfa and sweet Buckwheat! Little Rascals Our Gang was created back in 1922 and yet it still feels like only yesterday that I was enjoying watching the show. Oh wait! That's because it was only yesterday!! The show still plays on television on some channels!

The series was shot in black and white and in silence until 1929. Nine years later the writer and creator Hal Roach sold the series to MGM. The production of Little Rascals Our Gang continued to wow audiences until 1944 when production was shut down and a new film and TV era began. In total the series had over two hundred episodes and also one full length feature film which came off the back of the series.

Little Rascals Our Gang wasn't just fun to watch but was actually very influential and revolutionary in their themes and ideas. Never before in a TV show had children of both sexes and both colors been portrayed as equals together. The network braved the expected back lash and out rage from the public, but it never came. If anything this ground breaking show paved the way for other like minded shows. This enabled everyone within the show to be portrayed as equals. This later spurred on full length feature movies to follow suit and the idea of showing girls and boys, blacks and whites together in this way showed the world it was possible. Some believe that shows like The Rascals Our Gang showed a whole nation maybe even the world that if it can happen in a TV show and be alright then it can be possible in real life for all sexes and colors to be equal. This has also been shown recently within the last year, because of 24 the ground breaking TV show, it is believed that their viewing of a “black” president has allowed the American public to acknowledge that having a president who is colored is acceptable and can work. Barack Obama is the worlds first Black American President who can give some thanks to ground breaking TV shows like 24 and their predecessors which include Little Rascals Our Gangs for breaking the taboos within society and giving people the equality that they deserve rightfully.

Another thing that Little Rascals Our Gang brought to our screens was an early form of real life interest shows. The creator and producer Hal Roach believed that his show should be biased on true real life not fantasy as was common place at the time. The show truly dug deep and reflected all of the issues that surrounded children at that point in time. The gang consisted of a group of poor children who were of both sexes and colors, it showed their struggles with the rich children and the problems they had with their parents and other adults. Many of the story lines covered true gritty stuff which was unheard of at that time and in much contrast with the Hollywood ideal and fantasy that the viewing public had begun to think commonplace within the world of TV. Little Rascals Our Gang is an iconic program that formed the foundations of TV viewing as we know it today, with out their drive, vision and determination TV programs and much of society today would still live in a world of taboos and prejudice.

And to think that when you're sitting and watching it, all you really get it what a fun and sweet little show it is!