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Survivor of Abuse is for sites dealing with any type of abuse. It can be your personal story, support group, mailing list, or any helpful resources. {;}

When Spiders Unite They can Tie down a Lion
"Stop abuse" is an independent non commercial community for people who attempt to abolish the abuse of power of any kind.{;}Websites presenting tangible facts about human rights abuse, lack of enforcement ...

Breaking the Chains of Silence
The truth of recovered memories, dissociative amnesia, cases of verified recovered memories, articles, links and resources for survivors, the background and fallacies of the FMSF.

Soul to Soul - My Survivor Story -
This is my story of Sexual Abuse and how one can break through the darkness and survive.

The Love Shouldn't Hurt Foundation
A foundation I bult to provide abused women with roses, so that they may know they are beautiful enough to deserve flowers. And providing teddy bears to there children for comfort. Site Includes my poetry,quotes,how ...

Child Abuse
Why is it that those that abuse are the ones that seem to have all the {;}rights?? While the victims are the ones that keep on being abused..{;}Criminals have their rights.. and they should.. but why ...

Breaking the Silence
A safe place for all survivors of abuse can come and read stories, poetry, or put their name on the wall for all to see that they did indeed survive to break the Silence.

NeeDID Exchange
The NeeDID Exchange is a peer support network run by and for individuals with DID/DD and their supportive others. The site offers DID/DD informational links, a Discussion Forum, a Kidz Page, art, humor ...

Welcome To Angel Country
My site is based on my own child abuse history and poems I have written. It also tells how having a foster family helped me deal with things. Has a page for child abuse help and a page for survivors ...

SarahBrightEyes (Lorie) Is a Survivor
Welcome to my pages about me. What I went through as a child, and growing up, molestation, abuse, cancer, and maybe end up with some happy times too.

New Beginnings
As a Survivor of Abuse, both mental and physical for the first 30 years of my life, this page is dedicated to all Survivors of Abuse. Please visit the page and if you are a Survivor, I would love to add ...

Victims No More
This is a personal home page which is to share some of the fun I have but more importantly the experience I have as a survivor so that no other woman need feel alone or "that's just the way it is". There ...

Before, Ducommunity & After Spousal Abuse
{;}My life, from before I was abused and what's happening years later. How the vicious circle is still affecting my life today 15 years after his death through my 24 year old daughter.

Childhood Stolen
Childhood Stolen is a support site for adult survivor children of family violence. It is there as a vehicle for the journey of healing....

Donna's Doodles
Enter one woman's journey to recovery through this website and then visit around the site to find many other interesting information.

Helping Hand Healing
My site has personal stories, inspirational thoughts and some sources to help those battling childhood abuse.

Beyond Survival
my site is intended to be a place for survivors to share their stories and know that they are not alone...it also gives information about different types of abuse

blueyed1's Home Page
Just a little site about me.

A Woman's View
A domestic violence site called When Love Hurts. A collection of short stories, poetry, prayers, recipes,and family pages. A tribute site to Elvis Presley, Runaway Bride Designs and Adoptions, and my ...

My Personal Homepage
My personal webpage. Links to my adopted e-friends and other.

ForeverTears-My Safe Haven
My aim here is to provide a safe haven of HEART felt warmth and care for myself, others who have suffered from abuse and their supporters. A tranquil atmosphere, where we may all visit to gain some understanding ...

God's Majesty
God's message of Salvation; Daily Devotionals; inspirational songs and poetry to Our Father; my personal testimony & my personal cause - the elimination of child abuse - my story as a survivor of child ...

Love To All Dedications
info on abuse, and awareness, health info, about me, and so much more

communitys page 2
This is one of my pages of community about child abuse. I want to let people know about it and get it stopped. {;}

Powderio's Dream Hut
A site about myself, my thoughts, dreams, origanal writings. Come learn about myself and enjoy the beauty of the Dream Hut.

Multiple Treasures
Christian Support for those with MPD/DID