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Survival gear is often the farthest thing from our minds but the truth of the matter is that disaster can strike anytime and anywhere. Will you be ready if the unthinkable happens??
This community is all about survival gear for the home or away. Find Survival Gear, Kits.  Crank radios, TV’s, flashlights and more.  We also have Survival knife, Food, Equipment and even advice on Disaster Preparedness and Worse case Scenario.

Survival Gear For Sale
You never know when an emergency may strike which is why it's important to have Survival Gear and Kits on hand. Things like Crank radios, TV’s, flashlights and other equipment available here can ...

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Are you prepared for the unthinkable? We've got Survival Gear, Kits, Crank radios, TV’s, flashlights and more. Buy a Survival knife, Food and the Equipment you need for Disaster Preparedness and ...

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The Importance of Survival Gear
Survival gear is not something that anybody really gives a lot of thought to until it’s too late and this is true for even the most avid hikers and climbers. I guess it’s pretty common to feel as if we’re safe especially in the peaceful, scenic calm of nature, but the reality is that things happen and none of us are invincible…no matter how we may like to believe we are!

So before you go off on your rambling, hiking, mountaineering etc, make sure you have a survival kit packed, it may save your life! Why do you need a survival kit and what exactly is it? Well a survival kit is something which helps you to protect yourself and other people around you when you are in an emergency situation. It should be filled with life saving and survival gear to help you out of tricky situations. The most important things you need in a survival kit along with survival gear are things you might need for shelter, fire, first-aid, water and food.
You often hear news on the TV about families getting struck in bad weather or in a forest. This is where a well packed survival kit and gear is needed. Your survival kit can be easily stored at home or in your vehicle. It is estimated that around four backpacks are sufficient for four people for three days of survival in an unexpected situation. There are many brands on the market you can buy and each of them offers their own unique take on survival gear. Some of the companies offer four backpacks for four people and say it will last for five days of survival. Currently it is not law for you to carry a survival bag with you but it should. It should become mandatory for everyone who goes out walking, hiking, rambling etc to have to carry their own survival kits. The most important reason for this is that you have no idea just how or when you might get stuck. You never truly know the situation that is lying ahead of you. To keep yourself safe there is no harm in organizing your things and being prepared just in case. In an emergency a survival kit will help you to stay alive in tough environments. 

So what exactly do these survival kits contain? They contain everything that you would need to survive; food - the survival kits contain glucose tablets, tea bags and hard candy, fire -matches, tinder, a sparkler, candle and flares, first-aid - plasters, bandages, iodine tablets, a needle and thread, water - purification tablets, small plastic bags of fluids and also fishing line, shelter – A one man pop tent, a saw, pen knife and string.

Some believe that with technological advances that we have lost touch with nature. When we are stuck in situations all we need is to keep alive while someone comes and looks for us. A new type of survival kit/gear has been developed which has been called the wilderness survival gear. It contains a spark lighter fire starter, whistle and signal mirrors. It also contains emergency blankets so that you can survive during the night when the temperature drops. They are advanced and unique in the fact that they are small, light weight and easy to carry. Educational programs are shown to children and adults before going on certain national trails. Some of the gear comes with instructional videos and DVD’s to help you understand how to use the gear.
As much work as it may seem and even kinda’ ridiculous to some, it really is better to be safe than sorry. And as mentioned at the start of this article; survival gear is often only thought of once it’s already too late. Don’t let it happen to you.