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Designer's car concepts and art
Car designer of '50's-'70's features his original studio concepts art, art of classic, muscle, and racing cars

MariŽt's Power Passion Page
Ford Mustang ... The Original Pony Car

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24/7 Mobile Mechanic located in Loganville,GA


Cars have been around for about a hundred years now. This fantastic new technology has changed the way we live. In North America we have become extremely dependent on our cars. Most families in North America today own or lease a car and use their car everyday to go to and from work or to get groceries and such. Henry Ford began the first large-scale production of cars with his car assembly lines. Building cars would have been to expensive and labour intensive otherwise. Henry Fordís first cars looked very different to the cars we see today. There were also no paves roads for cars to drive on which made for a much bumpier car ride. The streets were not reserved for cars either; cars would often drive alongside horses and pedestrians to get around town. Back then it was also a lot easier to steal cars than it is today. The only problem with stealing cars at the turn of the century was that very few people owned cars, so youíd probably get caught pretty fast when the only car in town is stolen and ends up at your house. Today we live in suburbs outside the city and drive our cars everywhere. In fact, a lot of shops in the suburbs are only accessible by car, so if you donít have a car, youíd better live in the city. Even if you catch a train to work in the city, you need a car to get to the train station. The last alternatives for people living in the suburbs who donít have cars are the buses. However, suburban public transit in Ontario is notoriously bad. Not only are the buses expensive but theyíre also very unreliable. Some might say the same about their cars, but the greatest advantage to owning a car in the suburbs is the convenience. If you live and work in the city, you shouldnít really need a car. Many people in the city drive their car to work anyway, slowing traffic and wasting parking spots. If only public transit were a little more attractive, fewer people would buy cars they donít need. Whatever the case, whether you live in the city or not, youíre going to need a car at some point, whether itís to get to the airport or go on a road trip. The question about cars is whatís the cheapest option. For some people, renting a car for the occasional road trip is more affordable than buying a car and paying for maintenance, insurance and year-round parking for the occasional trip out of town. For people living in the suburbs itís difficult to live without a car.

Used Cars

If youíre considering buying a car for occasional trips only, it might be worth looking at some used cars. If you know you wonít need to put a lot of mileage on your car, you can get a decent used car for a good price. If youíre looking to show off to your friends, then youíll probably want to look at new cars instead of used cars. Used cars can be a great bargain or a total nightmare. It can be very difficult to tell what youíre getting when you buy used cars but being informed and asking lots of questions when buying used cars can help you to avoid being scammed. Sometimes the best way to buy used cars is to buy used cars from your friends that you trust. Theyíll be more likely to tell you if thereís anything wrong with the car. Also, you should take used cars for a test drive before you buy them.

Fast Cars

If itís fast cars youíre into, check out fast cars at auto shows or in fast cars magazines. You canít go wrong with fast cars because everyone likes fast cars. When I think of fast cars I think of two-door convertible sports cars. Keep in mind that not all convertibles are fast cars, but some used cars are. Another advantage of buying new fast cars as opposed to used cars is that youíre protected by the lemon law in most states. This law says that if anything goes wrong with new cars within a year of purchase that is due to normal use of the car, must be repaired by the car manufacturer or the car replaces. This is only the case for one year from the time the car was delivered to the consumer. If you live in the states and your have fast cars that died within a year of purchase, look up the lemon law to see if you qualify.


Lowriders can refer to lowrider cars or the people who drive lowriders. Lowriders are cars whose suspension has been dropped so that it rides closer to the ground. If youíve ever seen pimp my ride, you know what a lowrider is. Lowriders were first popular in Mexico but today are popular all over the place, especially with hip hop artists who have their lowriders custom finished with custom paint jobs and interiors. The standard custom interiors for lowriders are usually leather or velvet and the exterior often includes some sort of flame motif.

Muscle Cars

Muscle cars are old high performance cars with big engines. Some people classify muscle cars according to the type of engine and the year the car was built. Others classify them based on their weight to power ratio. Muscle cars are usually large framed four door cars from Australia, the United States, or South Africa. Muscle cars are becoming less and less popular because of their high greenhouse gas emissions. Also, Ralph Naderís not a fan of muscle cars because theyíre unsafe. Muscle cars are especially attractive to young men bursting with testosterone who want to buy muscle cars to go drag racing