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Superfine Rides - Muscle Cars, Street Rods & Classics, is a high-end site appealing to enthusiasts from across the globe. Own a Muscle Car, Street Rod or Classic Car site? Join us and gain exposure! We also have SUPERFINE RIDES TOP 100! you may want to join! There's always something to see at Superfine Rides!

Nova Enthusiasts of Winnipeg
This is page dedicated to Nova Enthusiasts in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A Showcase of Nova's from our City

Littleman's Dream - Eric Anderson's 1967 Nova 4 Door (SS Clone)
This Site is about my Nova, my 1967 Nova 4 Door (SS Clone). Within my site also includes, pictures and Links to other Nova Sites and more!!

Dave's Nova Site - 1973 Nova Custom
This Site is ALL about Novas, including my 1973 Nova Custom. Also includes story/history of my car, pictures and ALOT of Other Links to NOVA Sites, History, References & Information and more!!.

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Muscle Cars

Muscle cars are high performance classic cars from countries such as Australia, America, and south Africa. Originally, the muscle car referred to any four-seat, two-door American car made in the late sixties or early seventies. These cars were lighter than other cars with bigger, more powerful engines. Some people also classify muscle cars according to the year they were made in. Muscle cars were very popular cars in their day and still are. The beach boys even wrote a song about a muscles car, the real fine 409. Muscle cars from the fifties and sixties are still very popular today because collectors maintain these classic cars in excellent condition. Today, a well-kept muscle car is worth a lot of money. Even old muscle cars that havenít been refinished are worth a fortune because muscle car collectors are always looking for old muscle cars to fix up. Because muscle cars are so old and by definition, arenítí made anymore, muscle cars are very hard to come by. When a muscle car enthusiast finds an old muscle car, they may want to restore it by replacing old parts or modifying performance parts to make it faster, lighter, and more powerful.


Classic cars and trucks generally refer to old cars and trucks that have been fixed up and kept in good condition. Classic cars include muscle cars, street rods, and hot rods. Though street rods and hot rods might look the same, they are not. A hot rod may be called a street rod only if it is in good working condition. For instance, a hot rod may be taken to a hot rod show by trailer or truck whereas a street rod may only participate in a street rod show if it travels to the street rod show by its own power. You can participate in a classic car show if you own a classic car. Youíll just need to contact the person whoís hosting the classic car show to find out when and where the classic car show will take place and to figure out where to park your classic car when you arrive at the classic car show. Some classic car shows are intended for classic car owners only, but most classic car shows are open to the public so that any classic car enthusiasts can view the classic cars on display.

If youíd like to become involved in some o these classic car event, you can search for classic car events online. Many classic car enthusiast web sites have classic car event calendars for specific regions. You could also join a classic car mailing list to receive the latest news on classic cars and classic car events in your area. Many of these classic car enthusiast websites also have a forum where classic car enthusiasts can post classic-car related questions and comments as well as pictures of their own classic cars. If you need classic car parts, this would be a good place to find them because you could ask other classic car owners if they have the classic car parts that youíre looking for. If you canít find the classic car parts you need on a classic car enthusiastís website, you can sometimes find classic car parts for sale on E-bay. Another option is to visit a car show to meet other classic car owners in person. If youíre looking for parts for your classic car, you could go to a classic car show for the same kind of classic car you have and see if any of the classic car owners have parts to sell or trade.

Many classic car owners are interested not just in classic car restoration but in classic car customization. A lot of times, classic car customization adds a lot of value to a classic car. Classic car customization may include a custom paint job for your classic car, custom interiors in leather, velvet, tweed, or whatever you want, or custom trim such as mufflers, hub caps, and grills. There are a number of television shows about car customization. One of the most popular car customization shows, which refinishes all sorts of cars, not just classic cars, is called pimp my ride. In this car customization show, a team of car customization experts customizes someoneís car without their knowing. Though a lot of collectors of classic cars like to restore and customize their classic cars themselves, some of them donít have anything to do with the restoration of classic cars and simply buy classic cars and show them in classic car shows.


Some of the most well-known muscle cars are made by Dodge. Dodge was one of the first car manufacturers to attempt to put very large engines into small cars to increase power and decrease weight. The dodge charger was one such muscle car. In the early 60ís, when drag racing was very popular, doge muscle cars would compete with Ford and other muscle cars on the drag strip. There isnít really much of a market for new muscle cars anymore because of their high greenhouse gas emissions and fuel inefficiency. With gas prices on the rise, people simply canít afford to drive muscle cars anymore.

Hot Rods

As mentioned, hot rods and Street rods are two different things. Today, a hot rod collector may choose to restore an old hot rod to its original fully functional condition, which would make it a street rod, or he may choose to just make superficial changes to update the hotrodís appearance. These hot rods cannot be called street rods because they are just for show and arenít intended for driving around in. The hot rod association has been around for almost 50 years now and they believe that hot rod collecting wonít go out of style anytime soon. As long as there are old hotrods to be restores and entered in hot rod shows, there will be hot rod collectors ready to buy them