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Click Member link to see site in tvLa Luchita: Paz, Justicia y Libertad
Home of free lance interpreter, translator and journalist Simon Fitzgerald. This is my attempt not only to continue self-publishing as I have done on the controversial UMCP.ORG site, but to centralize ...

Now I don't want to get off on a rant here...

Photography from Baltimore and elsewhere. Thoughts on politics, justice, the Orioles and other random stuff.


Art Notes
Life of a Black Female Emerging Baltimore Artist/Writer with Mild Autism

Pruitt Communications
A blog about Christianity, technology, media and meaning.

home of dismay
Taking the passive out of passive-aggressive for over 30 years.

cosmic shambles
Confronting life's less challenging issues...

The world through a camera lens.

This and that
Just things about me working in show biz. I'm a composer and I update daily. Baltimore, I miss you!

Living in the Big Time
The personal blog of Jen Gaffney, a young professional living in Baltimore. Includes links from around the web, pictures, and observations ranging from music and pop culture to Baltimore sports.

reckless rogue
mental regurgitation from this side of the desk

Beer Haiku Daily
A simple poem each day to celebrate one of life's simple pleasures.

The Cake Life
Join a Baltimore writer in her quest for the perfect cake—and the perfect cake manuscript.

A Mind Occasionally Voyaging
My thoughts on life, love, and everything else, organized by category. With weekly illustrations.

Gentle Pills and Notes for Latecomers
Gentle pills was named for the sleeping pills I was prescribed by my psychiatrist. For now, it is a chronicle of words told in the most poetic and entertaining fashion I can muster. Usually funny, often ...


Double Dogged
Musings And Other Nonsense

Still Waiting for Godot....
The world's been waiting for me all this time....Samuel Beckett, eat your heart out!

Get me Outta Here
thoughts, rants, rave, opinons and observations of a 30 something redhead stuck somewhere between DC and Baltimore, wanting to move back to Baltimore or leave all together, trying to find a voice and ...

Mango & Ginger
a (very) fledgling foodie, cooking, eating, and entertaining in Baltimore...and sometimes traveling

The Un-understandable Mind
Trying to figure out my mind is a mystery. Having the thoughts on paper is not good enough. Having a blog on about my mentality... scary.

it's just not fair
My observations about all the colorful people at Greenfield Manor Apartments, including Cake Lady and the inimitable Underwear Man. Oh, and I bore you with a few thoughts about pop culture and entertainment. ...

Bags in trees in Baltimore.

In The Bakery
A behind the scenes looks at my craft and design business, Bake Sale Designs, plus my life and cookies and stuff.

Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams Attached to Their Heads!
You can avoid their wrath by paying me ONE MILLLLIONNN DOLLLARRSSSS. Or, just send me chocolate! It's good enough for the Margarine of Evil.

Kelly's Cakes
The journey of one Baltimore cake baker who's learning the tricks of the trade and having a bunch of fun doing it. Lots of cake pictures too.

An atypical baltimore blog, of an intern who thinks too much, and is way too lazy.

The Pietropolitan
a blog about what's going on in Baltimore from the perspective of The Pietro.

Insane Baltimore
Baltimore. That place with the stadium. And the harbor. And the heron. And Jenna.

Baltimore SEO by Murph
Baltimore SEO consultant

Molly Blogs Baltimore
Just a girl, her dog, and the delights of a perfect city.

Random Musings from the Downbeat
Culture (with an emphasis on theatre) and city living of a 20-something in Baltimore

Hill Watcher - Daily Tidbits From the Hill
This blog will be a daily quick post of an interesting bill introduced the previous day by U.S. House and U.S. Senate. I may include any provocative or insightful statements from the the House or Senate ...

Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants
This is a place where I share my exploration in food and food related ideas in the greater Baltimore area. A great place to go to find a new place to dine or any food related event!

Walk The Old Line
A depository for the words, images, and thoughts that I collect and carry back from my hikes. I hope only that you find some use for it. Whether that use is as a travel guide for the state of Maryland, ...