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A collection of refined, elegant ladies who meet at KnitNY to knit, sip hot beverages, and freeze their patooties off.

A Philly-phile who wished desperately to get a good cup of tea.

Knitting and Other Stuff
Knitting and other random babbling by a graphic designer with too much time on her hands

Six and A Half Stitches
Save me a seat, I'll be there in a little while, the traffic this side of the ocean is murder.

the blue blog
where blue is for knitting

Unfurnished Brooklyn
Knitting, motherhood, kneejerk reactions. Oh, and coffee.

Everybody Loves Saturday Night
Excuse me, can you make sure the door is closed all the way? Please? Thank you so much.

Dogs Steal Yarn
Preferred by four out of five Italian Greyhounds.

Life and the love of my life, knitting! Now In Florida!

A curly haired knitter speaks from NYC!