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When you buy sunglasses you're getting way more than just sun protection! Whether you're a Prada, Gucci or Coach fan or enjoy the classic Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, you can find what you like right here in this community.
This community, which is all about sunglasses, is the bets online source for sunglasses of all kinds, including some of the best known designer sunglasses. You can buy sunglasses here like aviators or polarized sunglasses in all styles and price points. Whatever you need or want, we have it here.

Sunglasses for Sale
Buy Sunglasses here. We have Oakley, Chanel, Gucci, Polarized, Aviator Sunglasses. Also find Reading and Bifocal Sunglasses. Brands like Prada, Dolce Gabbana, JimMaui, Coach Sunglasses and more. Designer ...

Fashion Sunglasses
Sunglasses for today's woman at prices she can afford. We offer designer replicas, DG Brand, and various fashion brands.

Sunglasses and Their Many Uses Outside of Sun Protection
We all wear sunglasses at one point or another, yet we all have different reasons for wearing them. Sure, they were created to protect our eyes from the sun so that we could see despite the bright glare and in historic times, Eskimo people used to wear flattened ivory glasses in order to block the harmful effect of the sun rays so that they could easier navigate their way through the blinding combination of the snow and sun. Then later on, during the early 1900’s, sunglasses were mostly used by film actors and famous singers to hide themselves away from the public. Nowadays they are used for much, much more; hiding blackened eyes after a fight, crying, and sore, red and/or tired eyes and don’t forget how great they are for helping you to avoid eye contact with other people! The main reason some people wear sunglasses is so that they can wear glasses that are “hip”, the ultimate fashion accessory. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the strong rays of sun and they also keep your eyes cool. By wearing sunglasses during the summer they allow you to keep your clarity of vision and comfort which also protects your eyes from glare.

Because most people only see sunglasses as a fashion accessory they do not realize the medical benefits that they possess. So how do the sunglasses protect our eyes from the suns rays? Well continuous exposure to the suns rays causes people to get eye problems that can cause blindness in some cases. You can get cataracts and even in extreme cases eye cancer. All doctors advise their patients to avoid contact with UV rays which are emitted by the suns rays.  There are also sunglasses on the market that are called water sunglasses. These are sunglasses for people who are in turbulent water and are unable to keep regular sunglasses on their eyes. The glasses are shatter proof and have impact resistant lenses. Because of this a lot of sports persons use them while participating in water based activities like; surfing, windsurfing and kite boarding and even just swimming in rough waters.

Most people (like me!) feel the need to choose several pairs of sunglasses rather than just one pair. This is because they want to own a pair for each look and fashion that they wear and why not when you consider that you don’t always have to opt for the high end and more expensive sunglasses, even though they may be a tad better for you.

There are some very famous makers of sunglasses that provide every season a different look to go with the changing fashions such as Prada, Gucci, Dolce Gabana, Coach and Maui Jim. Some different styles include; hotties, cool dude, sporty, formal, party, beach side and all other varieties of sunglasses are available for men as well as women. One of the most influential brands is ‘Ray Ban’, which offers not only style but real protection as well which is why they are a favorite among pilots. You know Ray Bans—makers of THE aviator sunglasses that looks so hot! Think Burt Reynolds and his mirrored sunglasses back… when he was actually cool of course.