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For those goths/rivetheads/whatever who live in Suburbia and have no local scene. Currently closed.

Desiree's Musings:The Main Wing
A Sanctuary for Mystical Bohemians: Including essays on animal totems, Wicca, faery (not of the fluffy pink variety), as well as poetry, quotes, links, and most importantly - original art.

lauras pit
{;}come see my site I have poetry artwork photos and more to keep you occupied

susan's bloodied heart
an artfull page filled with my pictures, and morbid poetry, and my horrid love story{;}

: f r o z e n . d e m e n t i a :
{;}: the rantings and ravings of an unstable grrl :

The Dark Poetry of Ian Rowlins
I never thought of ritual suicide before you met me. Now I think that I can easily do it, if you let me. If in the cemetary they erect a statue of me, be sure that they include the many demons that tower ...

Shadow Clad
An Online Gothic Flea Market Selling Used/Nearly New Gothic Clothing & Accessories at Greatly Reduced Prices!!!{;}

Dark Gothic Feelings
A personal site from someone in Michigan, with topics including Goth/Gothic, roleplaying, quotes, poetic lyrics, and more.

the faerie realm
{;}my homepage about everything that is important to me, faeries, goth, and important issues. has a detailed faerie section, goth tips, some of my own creative writing and art that i like, as well as lots ...