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The Voyager branch of the StarTrek Slash Community.

The TOS Twins
Fanfiction in English and German from various authors. We are featecommunity all 5 Star Trek series.

Crossing the Nebula
Voyager Serial. Female/Female. Janeway/Seven. Plots, Action, Romance. Some Male/Male. Alternative Fan Fiction

Karahkwa's Fan Fictions
Site contains general Voyage fictions, a few C/P, and UNLOVED Series (C/K).

The Paradoxical F/F Archive
An Archive of f/f slash from the three modern incarnations of Trek (as well as Buffy and Sailor Moon). Updated

Terranfem's P/K Slash Page
Stories devoted to two of my most favorite Star Trek characters, Lieutenant Tom Paris and Ensign Harry Kim of Star Trek Voyager.

fiction by T'lyr
A home for my original fiction as well as well as my Star Trek fan fic. All Star Trek stories are slash.

Where you'll find all of A. Kite's STAR TREK stories ... TOS, TNG, DS9 & VOY

Mystic Bonds: Chakotay and Tuvok slash archive
An place for stories featucommunity Chakotay and Tuvok and a romantic or sexual relationship.{;}{;}For those who want to like to see more of the Mystic Warrior and the Vulcan Security Officer.