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The Original Series Branch of the StarTrek Slash Community.

Acidqueen's FanFiction
Mainly TOS fiction, a bit K/S, but more S/Mc, K/Mc; also het stories and a bit femslash; various pages with links and zine recs; McCoy worship page with McCoy and De info and links

All Your Trek Are Belong To Us
Kirk and Spock: Not only are they lovers, but they are kinky as hairpins. HERE'S PROOF! [Caution: empty your bladder before viewing this site]

Starshadow's Page of K/S Fanfic
Fanfic, essays and links to more stuff More added regularly. Feel free to sign my guestbook, feedback welcome.

Star Trek: the Forgotten Sitcom
A serial; The officers of the USS Enterprise are accidentally sent back in time and must learn to cope with early 21st century America. They don\'t do so well, end up shacommunity a tiny apartment and ...

Two Pervects' Quarters
Our fan art is dedicated to the Star Trek TOS characters and "this simple feeling". K/S only.