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Dedicated to the slash relationships of the Star Trek universe. Due to several inapropriate sites being submited I set up a few guide lines. A:Your site must have something to do with StarTrek. Don't submit if all you have is, I like StarTrek. B:Slash means same sex relationships depicted in pictures, fanfic, etc. Don't submit pages that have nothing to do with Slash. I will accept link pages, episode guides and such if I think community users might find them of interest or use.

The TOS Twins
Fanfiction (mostly TOS and K/S) in English and German by Lady Charena and T'Len.

Tauna's Slash Den
Slash stories about Voyager's Tom Paris and Harry Kim.

Where you'll find all of T'Lin's STAR TREK Fanfic ... TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY & ENT. Although most of the stories are slash (both m/m and f/f), there are some het stories, as well.

Nick's P/Q Slash
Picard/Q slash fanfiction written by me, Nick. Drama! Intrigue! Romance! Well, okay, so that's all an excuse to get them into bed; it still counts. Predominately NC-17. Some kink, some romance, some a ...

Where you'll find all of A. Kite's STAR TREK stories ... TOS, TNG, DS9 & VOY

The Paradoxical F/F Archive
An Archive of f/f slash from the three modern incarnations of Trek (as well as Buffy and Sailor Moon). Updated frequently and accepting submissions.

The Omega Point
{;}Janeway / Seven of Nine fan fiction by The Tilde, some fan fiction author's resources.

fiction by T'lyr
A home for my original fiction as well as well as my Star Trek fan fic. All Star Trek stories are slash.

Something Real
Dedicated to my favourite Enterprise paicommunity: Trip Tucker and Malcolm Reed.{;}Here you can find T/R fanart made by me.

Central Records
Deep Space Nine Adult Fiction. Slash and Het. {;}

Mystic Bonds: Chakotay and Tuvok slash Archive
A place for stories of Chakotay and Tuvok featucommunity in a romantic or sexual {;}scenario.{;}{;}For lovers of the Mystic Warrior and The Vulcan Security Officer.

Keikimo's Realm
A home for all my C/P fanfic, as well as stuff from an assortment of other fandoms.

Star Trek Fan Fiction
Slash stories featucommunity original series characters, primarily K/S and K/S/Mc.

Karahkwa's FanFiction
Site contains "Unloved Series" which is Chaktoay/Kim and the "Right One Series" which is Bashir/Jake Sisko. Other stuff includes Chakotay/Paris and Worf/Riker.

Terranfem's P/K Slash Page
Stories devoted to two of my most favorite Star Trek characters, Lieutenant Tom Paris and Ensign Harry Kim of Star Trek Voyager.

Paris Nights
The Tom Paris Archive- includes loads of fanfic and pics, information, links and extras...

Mel Blue Slash Fiction
Mainly Star Trek Voyager, but some other fandoms, and also some original work.

Fanfiction Paradies
Multifandom fanfiction archive for stories written in German. This site has a separate Star Trek section.

Crossing the Nebula
Voyager Fan Fiction Serial. Female/Female, Some Male/Male. Janeway/Seven. Lots of Original Characters.{;}

Tim Ruben's Enterprise Slash Archive
This site contains tons of Enterprise slash in every fandom. You can read fic and post your own. So come on by.{;}

Terabithia's Illusionary Realm
A wonderful place where the figments of Terabithia's imagination run free. Home to C/P, P/K, P/Bashir and a few various other fandoms.

Star Trek: the Forgotten Sitcom
The officers of the USS Enterprise are accidentally sent back in time and must learn to live in early 21st century America. They don't do so well and end up shacommunity a tiny apartment, holding crappy ...

Acidqueen's FanFiction
Mainly TOS stories featucommunity K, S, Mc, Sa and variations thereof, slash and het, many linklists including the all-trek-series Kinky Corner for darker stuff and bdsm stories

All Your Trek Are Belong To Us
Adult K/S hilarity. Kirk and Spock: lovers, and kinky as a celtic knot. HERE'S PROOF!

Star Trek: Colony 69
Welcome to Risa Colony 69, home of one of the only Star Trek Pleasure SIMS in the quadrant! Located deep in Federation Space, this pleasure planet is visited by millions of tourists looking to relax and ...