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Strong . When people mention this word, a big muscular figure usually pops into one's head. Usually a male figure. But women are STRONG, maybe not as physically strong as men, but emotionally and mentally we believe we are the strongest. We are women with extraordinary strengths. We overcome obstacles. We endure hardships. We survive. And nothing and no one will bcommunity us down. We have strong minds, strong hearts and strong voices. Let's come together and show how strong we really are. *Strong * - having moral or intellectual power *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF THE RING LOGOS IS MANDATORY. THE GENERIC RINGSURF BANNER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS RING****

Erin Sunrise Secretarial Services
Home-based clerical services and web design company targeting individuals and small businesses.

Whisper\'s Corner
My site offers graphics, background sets, tutorials, tubes, recipes and a section on my fused glass art.

eccentrically mine...
adventures back in my native state...

Laylaskye's Cafe
My personal homepage about me and the things I enjoy in life.

Bittersweet Me
personal site consisting of original poetry and dedication pages

Andreea Designs
unique designs and graphics

A Collection of Myself
A peek into the life and loves of an older single mom in California

Jani's World
Come join me in My World. Relax, take a deep breath, and get lost for a while.... No rush....

MoonLit Kisses & Waterfall Serenades
Begin your journey....a lesson in life, love, sorrow, survival, and relaxation. Where will your journey take you?

In Memory of My Angel's
A memorial to my two Angel's in Heaven, Shelby Jane & Robert Michael,and to my Mom, lost to breast cancer.

Stevie's Steel Dog Cafe'
Scripture, poetry, pages to share,music/lyrics, graphics and more!

Blog, poetry, blinkies, recovecommunity JWs advice, baby freebies, pregnancy and infant loss memorial quilt, virtual church of benevolent deities inc.

Fairy Skyla
An enchanted forest with lots of things to see and do.

Backgrounds by Melanie
I offer free linkware Original Bordered Backgrounds in misc. categories and tiles.

sweets home away from home
about me and my family

Callista\'s Universe
All about the many things that interest me, from Japanese Anime to Astrology, Sci-Fi to Religion, Dollz to cats, neopets to web graphics.

Lady Lylas World
My site is full of my original poetry, prose words of wisdon, and lots of fun stuff, adoptions for you free for a link

Hugs R us
website is all about mental health issues

Understanding E
My Site is to help others understand and learn ways of dealing with Epilepsy Disorder (also to dispel \"myths\" about epilepsy disorder based on ignorance and fear), please visit Epilepsy over 300 Links ...

A Mother\'s Arms
This is about my battle with infertility and endometriosis. I have also included pages to my \"support system\" consisting of my husband, father, mother and friends.

Cherokee Lady
My beliefs, Being Cherokee, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse

My Ms Page
A site about My family and I and our batle against my MS, as well as my battle to continue my Nursing career despite the MS

Spiritual Visions
A spiritual based site, dedicated to teaching, shacommunity and enlightenment. Home of internationally known Spiritual Advisor, Avalonea

The Promethean SisterShip
The Promethean SisterShip is a lively, enlightened community of boldly creative women floating in a secluded harbor somewhere in the frozen farthest reaches of the Northern Hemisphere. The Promethean ...

Ciel's Home Website
Ciel's home website, links to forums and other sites belonging to ciel are on the site, fan site dedicated to ciel from megaman zero and all those who loved her, especially those who cosplay her physically ...