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The Stratusphere Community is dedicated to sites about the Dodge Stratus, Plymouth Breeze, Chrysler Cirrus, Chrysler Sebcommunity, and Dodge Avenger cars.

Ice Gold Breeze
1997 Plymouth Breeze{;}------------------------{;}Just a little page dedicated to my car...not much there yet but there will be.

Bear Mountain Performance
Along with pics and info on my Brother's 1999 Cirrus and mine and my family's other Mopars this site contains my personal For Sale/Wanted list, an Online Fleamarket, Mopar Information, photos and specs ...

Crow's 1995 Dodge Stratus
Pictures of my 1995 Dodge Stratus

Jeremy's Chrysler Cirrus
A webpage devoted to my car, the Chrysler Cirrus.

The Cloud in the Wind's Stratus R/T
Introduction to the '01+ Stratus R/T including specifications and a list of modification strategies complete with links and research analysis.

Stratus HID
Site for the ongoing HID reftrofit project for a Stratus.

1100+ Novelty Vanity License Plates & Signs
1100+ Novelty Vanity License Plates, Signs & Light Switch Covers that are the Highest Quality Embossed Aluminum & we ship worldwide. There are many laugh out loud funny, John Deere, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, ...

Dodge Stratus

The dodge stratus is a midsize four door that was predecessor of the dodge avenger. The dodge stratus sedan was produced from 1995 to 2006 while the dodge stratus coupe was only in production for 4 years, from 2001 to 2005. Over the years, many different companies have been involved in production of the dodge stratus, including chrysler corporation, Daimler chrysler, and Mitsubishi motors. This may change again soon as Daimler chrysler is changing hands. The dodge stratus, like the chrysler cirrus, and the plymouth breeze, is known as a cloud car. When they were leased, all three got good reviews and the chrysler cirrus, dodge stratus, and plymouth breeze all made the top ten car list of 1996. The dodge stratus fit somewhere in between the higher-end chrysler cirrus and the lower end plymouth breeze models. What made the dodge stratus unusual was the location of it battery. The easiest was to change a battery in a dodge stratus is by removing the left front tire, which as you might imagine, is really not all that easy. The first generation dodge stratus was also sold in Mexico, Canada and Europe. American and Canadians would probably also recall will Farrel’s allusion to the dodge stratus in an old Saturday night live sketch.

Plymouth Breeze

The plymouth breeze was discontinued in the early 2000 model. It was also very similar to the dodge stratus and chrysler cirrus. Which makes you wonder, how is there a market for so many similar cars. These cloud cars, which included the dodge stratus, the chrysler cirrus, or sebring, and the plymouth breeze were all four door sedans with more or less the same dimensions, platform and transmission. All of them also had the same front engine, front wheel drive layout. In fact, the plymouth breeze looked so similar to the chrysler cirrus and dodge stratus that the only obvious way to tell them apart was by examining their tail lights and grills. The tail lights of the plymouth breeze had a unique design in that they were all lumped together instead of having separate strips of brake lights and signaling lights. If one had to choose between the different cloud cars, which included the Plymouth breeze, dodge stratus, and chrysler sebring, it would be difficult to justify not buying the absolute cheapest one. Amazingly, they have all sold well. You’d imagine that there wouldn’t be room for three nearly identical cars on the market to all be successful. However, the plymouth breeze, dodge stratus, and chrysler cirrus (or sebring) have all won best car awards. Even the awards that these cars won are the same.

Dodge Avenger

There are actually three different cars called the dodge avenger: the coupe, the concept, and the sedan. Mitsubishi motors manufactured the first generation of dodge avengers until 2000. Between 2000 and 2008, no new dodge avengers were made, until Daimler Chrysler took over production of the dodge avenger in 2008. The second generation of dodge avengers were quite different to the first generation of dodge avengers. The dodge avenger has an FF layout, which means its engine is in the front and it has front wheel drive. There was also a sport model of the dodge avenger that had different trim and wheels, but was otherwise almost the same as the other dodge avengers. Dodge’s car for the NASCAR Cars of Tomorrow races used to be the dodge charger but will soon be replaced with the dodge avenger.

Chrysler Sebring

Like the dodge avenger, the Chrysler sebring refers to not one, but three different cars altogether, including the Chrysler sebring coupe, the Chrysler sebring convertible, and the Chrysler sebring sedan. The chrysler sebring sedan is manufactures by chrysler in sterling heights, Michigan. The chrysler sebring is a four-door mid-size sedan that iis similar in many ways to the dodge avenger. Both the chrysler sebring and the dodge avenger have their engines in the front of the car and have front wheel drive. The first generation of chrysler sebrings were produced from 2001 to 2006 and had a 4 speed automatic transmission. The second generation of chrysler sebrings has been in production since 2007. This line of chrysler sebrings has more transmission options, available with 4 speed automatic transmission, or 6 speed automatic transmission. It’s also slightly taller and not quite as long as the first generation chrysler sebring. In Mexico, the chrysler sebring is also known as the chrysler cirrus. Soon, the production of the chrysler sebring and the dodge stratus will be handed over to Russia, who will import engines from Mexico to build the chrysler sebring and dodge stratus.

Chrysler Cirrus

In the united states, the chrysler cirrus was only produced for five years, from 1995 to 2000. In Mexico, the chrysler cirrus, which is equivalent to America’s chrysler sebring, is still being produced. The chrysler cirrus was the predecessor of the chrysler sebring in the united states. The chrysler cirrus, like the chrysler sebring, is a four door sedan with a front engine, front wheel drive layout. The chrysler cirrus is also roughly the same width and length as the chrysler sebring, with the same 4 speed automatic transmission. The chrysler cirrus is also sometimes referred to as a cloud car. The first generation of chrysler cirruses were sold in Mexico to replace the old leBaron. The chrysler cirrus was originally a concept car that was displayed in a US auto show. It has since won a number of car awards for it’s design and safety features, including airbags and a multiple cd changer. The changes to the chrysler cirrus were made one at a time over a number of years but slowly the chrysler cirrus evolved into quite a different car than it was when it was first produced. The good news is that if you live in America and want a chrysler sebring, you can still buy new chrysler sebrings pretty easily even though they’re no longer in production in the united states. You’d have to go to Mexico to get it but it’s worth the trip if you really like chrysler sebrings, or ciruses as they call them in Mexico.