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Dedicated to stopping ALL Land Grabs, by any branch of Government. We do not promote violence of any kind. We only want to educate the Public to what the Government is doing to our freedoms.{;}

Montana Life
A site that tries to show the people what is happening via photo's of wolf and coyote attacks and kills. Also working on a section about management or the lack there of our forests.

New River Friends
A site fighting an unabated federal grab of priviate property under the guise of developing a scenic parkway.{;}{;}

New River Friends
Site fighting the unnecessary government takeover of vast amounts of land in West Virginia under the auspices of building a scenic highway for economic development.

Welcome to NVNorth.com
We are here to educate and give you The information that the media won't give you.

Stop Federal Land Grab
Dedicated to stopping the Federal Land Grab. We do not promote violence, we want to educate the Public to what the Federal Government is doing to our Freedoms.

County Action
Working with local government to open the road to freedom