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Bloggers who knit in or around St Louis

/(p[eu]rls of wisdom)?/
Timothy's knitting, games, and personal blog

Quantum Tea
Opinionated British blog, currently living in St. Louis, USA. Random thoughts, history, web design, news, humour, Christianity, tea, quantum mechanics, knitting, spinning, opinions.

A tribute to my wonderful daughter's KnitYarnFun note to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and general blather about knitting/spinning/dyeing.

Tales of Yarn
Rambling stcommunitys of yarny musings...

Fluid Pudding

Dyeabolical Yarns
The knitting, dyeing and spinning adventures of a St. Louis native.

Knit Won Purl, too

Knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, yarn dying, sock, shawl and sweater knitting, and knitting exploits.

Random Acts of Knitting

News from the Petting Zoo

Annie Knits
A mostly stay-at-home mom blogs mostly about knitting.

Random thoughts on life and knitting of a blond thirty-something engineer living in the outskirts of St. Louis...

Punctuated Knitquilibrium

One Skein At A Time
A knitting blog of a St Louis Metro East Mom.

I blog about life, music, knitting, and everything else

Forks and Needles
A blog about knitting and eating in St. Louis.


Ephemeral Chaos
I try really hard to concentrate on knitting, but life intervenes on occasion.


Undercounted Sassy

Counting Rows
Knitting in Soulard, MO.

Knitting Kim\'s Kaos

What do you do with a passion for buying yarn more than you do for knitting with it? Or with a little one who insists that everything you are knitting be for her? Who knows?

Just another Knitter
A blog about knitting by a knitter in Carondelet.


Loomy Mama
New to the fiber world and loving it! Knitting on looms, weaving on looms, avid reader, love knitting blogs and podcasts!

anniecoleman.com … in which I ramble on about knitting, books, podcasting, LibriVox, Meniere’s Disease, librarianship, and whatever else pops into my mind.