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The Crocodile Hunter is a wildlife documentary TV series hosted by the late Steve Irwin and his wife Terri. This community is all about him and his legacy.
This community gives you access to all things to do with Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Use it to Find information about Steve Irwin, his death and products from his shows and much more. What a great place for fans and admirers!

Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter
The Crocodile Hunter is a wildlife documentary TV series hosted by the late Steve Irwin and his wife Terri. Find information about Steve Irwin, his death and products from his shows.

Steve Irwin: Ultimate Wildlife Warrior
My site is dedicated to Steve Irwin: the Ultimate Wildife Warrior and his vision of wildlife conservation through exciting education.

Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter Then and Always
Steve Irwin--Crocodile Hunter as we so fondly remember him thanks to his TV show of the same name died tragically in 2006 doing what he loved best when he was accidently killed by a stingray barb in the Batt Reef in Queensland, Australia.

How does one become a crocodile hunter anyway? It was actually his parents who began his lifelong fascination of wildlife as they were wildlife experts themselves who began their own reptile and fauna park in Queensland. It was on this park Steve Irwin found his love for crocodiles and where he was educated about them from an early age and even wrestled with one at the age of nine. After leaving high school he became a crocodile trapper (naturally!) in North Queensland where he worked for free and kept the crocodiles for his parent’s park. He also volunteered for the Queensland Crocodile Management Program where he helped protect endangered and er…misunderstood crocodiles. Steve Irwin took over the family park in 1991 and it was also there that he met his wife Terri. He renamed the park the year after and called it the Australia Zoo due the parks increase in size and revenue.

He began his TV career when he and his wife decided to go on an unusual honeymoon catching crocodiles which they taped and the series that followed became the legendary show The Crocodile Hunter. Who’d have thought that you could mix crocodiles and a honeymoon AND end up being a TV star all in one! It was after this that his TV career skyrocketed and he further filmed The Ten Deadliest Snakes in the World which was also a smash and helped land Steve Irwin guest appearances on shows like Jay Leno and even a cameo role in the movie Doctor Dolittle 2 and eventually a film where he played himself but it was hit with mixed reviews.

Animal Planet documentaries and Travel Channel specials became the last set of TV work that Steve Irwin would produce before his tragic accident. Steve Irwin did not only concentrate his efforts with TV and the Zoo, he also spear headed a lot of conservation media campaigns were his profits and fees went to his own wildlife funds to help pay for the zoo’s expenses.  Steve Irwin was also a passionate environmentalist and conversationalist who gave back to the environment and its animals by sharing his joy and excitement in them with the world sometimes to the point of annoyance! He backed many campaigns for the protection of animals and even bought large areas of land so that they could not be cleared and built on, protecting the fragile eco systems that lay within them.

Steve Irwin will be remembered for being one of the biggest exports to come out of Australia, for coining the phrase “crikey” and for being an overall great guy.