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The happy blended family/stepfamily isn't something that you can just create overnight. With different feelings and different personalities there is bound to be conflict but getting help on how to be a step mom or dad is here for you. This community is dedicated to all the step families who are looking for advice on making things work.
Find Information on Blended Families and Stepfamily as well as Becoming a Stepfamily.  Leanr How to be a step mom or dad and get advice on Rebuilding and strengthening the Stepfamily and Blended family.

Wanna Be The Blended Family and Stepfamily Like the Brady Bunch?
With the right information on Blended Families and Stepfamily, becoming a Stepfamily will be much easier. Find out how to be a step mom or dad and learn about the rebuilding and strengthening the Stepfamily ...

The Blended Family. Stepfamily Help
Information on Blended Families and Stepfamily help is yours right here. See how to make the transition of becoming a stepfamily a lot easier and learn how to be a step mom or dad with these great res ...

The Blended Family: Stepfamily Help At Your Fingertips
We've all seen the Brady Bunch and that's likely what comes to mind when you think of the Blended Family. Stepfamily doesn't all mean laughing, singing and dancing though and the truth is that you'll probably run into much larger issues than someone using someone else's hairbrush without permission! Trying to blend families can be a nightmare to say the least, but there is help for those who need it.
There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to the blended family. Stepfamily means having to take several factors into account so you know how to deal with things better and it means also being extra aware of the feelings of others--especially hard when there are a few people to consider and even more so when not everyone is cooperating. More than anything else though you'll need patience and lots of it. Factors like how much time has passed since the divorce or demise of the realtionhsip of a childs parents can impact how difficult the transition is. Try to see it from the child's side; what if your parents got divorced and just a few months later you were expected to play house with a new mommy or daddy standing in where your real mommy or daddy used to be. It ain't easy!
When you feel like you're running out of patience and are ready to throw in the towel...or throw it at someone else, then you can turn to the internet for the resources that can help you. There are sites and webrings dedicated to information on blended families and stepfamily as well as all kinds of advice on how to be a step mom or dad and on ways of rebuilding and strengthening the stepfamily or blended family. And along with those websites that offer professional advice; the internet also other resources like books that you can buy about becoming a step mom or dad or on being a stepfamily. And possibly one of the best resoruces available with just a few clicks are the sites, chats and forums filled with other people who are going through what you are as well as loads of people who are willing to share their experience and advice that worked to get their blended family living in harmony.
Becoming a blended family or stepfamily is something that happens more and more in our world with the divorce rates as high as they are, yet it comes with no instruction manual and no warnings of how hard it can really be to play house. Thank god the internet can preety much give you access to a manual--or a resonable and helpful facsimile anyway!
Learning how to be a step mom or dad won't be a piece of cake, but it doesn't have to be a living hell either. Get your hands on the right resources and utilize as many of them as you can and you'll be laughing together in no time