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Amateur orthocath musings and other things that cross my mind

Catholic: The Why
A Discovery of Catholic Apologetics

Defending the Faith, A Houston Catholic Blog - A Catholic Young Adult\'s perspective on Faith and the world.

The New Crusade
A Blog dedicated to the promotion of the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith in union with HH Benedict XVI, to the preservation of our Traditional Greco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and to the New Crusade ...

Running the Race of Life
Blog of a Franciscan Friar

Ferddie's World
This blog is all about my life, beliefs and experiences. May my posts be blessings to all who read them!

Italian Catholic and Altogether Strange
An Italian American Catholic who likes baseball, Role Playing Games, Science Fiction and Fantasy. A traditional Catholic with an ecumenical mindset that does not sacrifice Catholic truths.

Transitus Tiber
Blog of a 24 year old geology/anthropology student, convert to the Catholic faith (RCIA Class of 2006!)

Here in the Bonny Glen
The blog of Melissa Wiley, a Catholic homeschooling mother of four (soon to be five) and the author of books about Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother and great-grandmother.

Thoughts on the Catholic faith, Church history, and current events from the southern California coast.

Aurė Entuluva!
Day shall come again! The weblog of a 20 - year old Catholic teaching Physics at the premier State University of the Philippines

Universal Call
Conversations with Catholics who have advice on how to live daily the Universal Call to Holiness. We update our site with new podcasts on the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month. We update our blog entries ...

Jumping Without A Chute
The Rants, Musings, and Worldview of a Roman Rite Catholic Husband, Father, and Soldier.

Get Up, and Get Moving...
An opportunity for people of serious and orthodox Catholic faith in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to share the means to improve their own Churches.

not so ordinary
this blog intends to share personal reflections on different aspect of life in catholic christian understanding and teaching.

True to the Faith
"True to the Faith" is the product of Carmine, a GW undergard, interested in all thing Catholic. Seeking to expount upon theological, moral, political and social issues, "TTTF" bcommunitys you timely information ...

The Richest Man in Assisi
A place to discuss the Church, the pursuit of Truth, the Gospel, and the calling of every Christian -- not just St. Francis -- to sainthood.

American Papist
Essentially, I'm a Catholic. Specifically, I'm an intellectual Catholic. Incidently, I'm a young Catholic. Now, today's Young Intellectual Catholics often procrastinate, and my job is to provide something ...

Karen Edmisten
A thoroughly Catholic, Eucharist-devoted, confession-going, homeschooling, writing wife and mother who doesn't let a day go by without pining for a nap

Tom and Jerry
Musings from two domers who love our God, country and Notre Dame.

Nolite malum hoc facere
A homosexual male Catholic college student talking about homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church.

A group blog of Gen-X converts and reverts. Most of us came out of Protestant campus ministry and are academics and professionals.

Shout Without a Sound
This blog is mostly my thoughts on God, Catholicism and life in general, especially my life as a Filipino living in Atlanta.

Sacramentum Vitae
"Combating cacodoxy where the sacred meets the profane." Commentary on moral, theological, and political issues from a primarily but not exclusively Catholic perspective.

Contemplation of Moral Theology
A website which seeks to explore hot-button moral theology topics as well as other important moral issues.

Contemplating Christian
The journal of one Christian as her search for God's truth leads her into the Catholic Church.

Vive Christus Rex!
My blog features my thoughts on many things which pertain in one manner or another to traditional Catholicism and "Catholic culture." In addition, monarchism and contemporary events of relevance to trads ...

martha, martha
devout and charmingly neurotic, Christian by virtue of baptism, Catholic by choice

Absolutely No Spin
This blog chronicles my conversion into the Catholic Faith, but also other things. I'll examine both the sacred and profane, politics, and regular life.

Boinkie's blog
ruminations about medicine, religion, and culture

Eternity Is Today
Eternity Is Today...One Man's faith journey through life as experienced by One Of Us.

Kei\'s Corner
A 17 year old\'s discernment into the holy life of Holy Orders.

Organic Learning
Adventures in unschooling and other aspects of crunchy Catholic life.

Fiat Lux
A catholic blog in swedish

The Great Pumpkin
A Canadian Catholic mostly political blog, with occasional random excursions into sillyness, or whatever else interests me at the moment!

Catholic Writings
A Catholic sex blog owned by a Catholic Writer who shares his encounters with God, his reflections on life and the teachings of the Church.

Port and Panel Club
The Port and Panel Club is a blog that discusses culture in general with a special interest in Catholic culture. Issues covered to appeal to all tastes! Sit by the fire in the Port and Panel Club, enjoy ...

The School of Mary
With this blog I treat all things Marian, chronicle my experiences in seminary at St. Mary's in Baltimore, promote vocations to the priesthood, and post other insightful things that I come across.

Sweetness and Light
a blog about the sweet life of this home educating mother of 4

The Wandecommunity Moon
On Mater Ecclesia, the love of life, and attempts to walk the straight and narrow. Reflections from a Catholic Romantic.

The Light Within
The angels and art of Corbin Hollis Choate from a Catholic perspective.

Northland Catholic Roundtable
A site for the exchange of information about Catholic Church activities in Minnesota and neighbocommunity states/provinces with respect to chanceries, parishes, schools and employees and other ministe ...

The Friends of the Poor Souls
The blog/website of an apostolate dedicated to the Poor Souls in Purgatory

Teresa's 2¢ Worth Blog

Little Men
A place to share our funny and challenging days as a large, Catholic, homeschooling family!

More Light

Calling Rome Home

Roman Miscellany
The blog of an English Catholic Priest - including reflections, sermons, news and pieces of ecclesiastical trivia!

This site explores Christian living in a non-Christian world, from the perspective of a Roman Catholic Christian living in an Islamic country

The World...IMHO A Secular World...A Catholic Perspective