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Click Member link to see site in tvLiving Bread
Excerpts from the prayer life of a young Jesuit

Ecce Homo
My comments on the theological understanding of the masses. And myself.

Ten Thousand Thoughts
It's a blog journal about my return to the faith and call to service.

Lumen de Lumine
German-laguage musings of a Catholic convert woman working in the media about a bit of everything concerning Catholicism. Emphasis on questions of communicating Catholic faith and moral issues to a larger ...

The thoughts of Catherine the Collegiate Catholic Convert, relating to her favorite topics: liturgy, history, kitsch, pop culture, and spiritual formation.

Word Incarnate
A "contemplative" blog that consists of a series of reflections or meditations on Scripture and various topics in Catholic spirituality. I will be happy to receive prayer requests as well.

Catholic Pillow Fight
A liturgically orthodox Catholic who enjoys many of the reforms of Vatican II tries to come to grips with the polarization which he finds in the blogosphere between "conservatives" and "progressives"

Friary Notes
Musings and comments by a Third Order Franciscan about faith, life and the state of the world.

Contemplata aliis tradere
A meagre contribution to the mission and work of the Order of Preachers: my reflections, thoughts, ideas and the occasional rant on matters mainly theological, philosophical and ecclesiastical, drawn primarily ...

A blog focusing on the crossroads of religion, politics and population. (Plus other random things crossing the author's mind.)

Gloria Olivae
To discuss the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI and gather small Benedictine communities in his defense and the service of the Church.

View from an Alternate Dementia
Scenes and reflections from the life of a thirtysomething software engineer, wife/mother, Catholic convert, stitcher, bibliophile, and various other roles.

papa no ibasho
A Catholic family man in Japan struggles up the stairway to heaven.

Chemins de lecture
A path to faith through today\'s theology (Urs von Balthasar and others...) Un chemin vers la foi à travers la lecture des théologiens d\'aujourd\'hui.

I'm a graduate student that spends too much time on the computer. This is to show my art and my thoughts. Hope you enjoy...

Catholic Fire
Catholic pro-life news and views; poetry, prayers, biographies of the saints

beacommunity blog
bear - ing n. 1 the manner in which one comports oneself; 2 the act, power, or time of bcommunitying forth offspcommunity or fruit; 3 a machine part in which another part turns [a journal ~]; 4 pl. comprehension ...

Ex Umbris et Imaginibus in Veritatem
From Shadows and Appearances into Truth

It's all happening
The ramblings of a 20-something, somewhat university educated, hopfully future priest. Politics, religion, complaining, we've got it all!

A Secular Franciscan Life
Weblog of a Member of the Secular Franciscan Order in Montana

Irish and Dangerous
Musings and news posts by an Irish (soon to be)Catholic future theologian.

Fr. Bloomfield's Blog
Homilies, Articles, News Items, and Thoughts from Rev. Andrew Bloomfield, Catholic Priest in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Seatbelt Blues
Seatbelt Blues is the view of the world from the perch of a young Catholic writer, where he intends to expound on the things he sees, or maybe just mock the world a little, all while trying - trying - ...

Musum Pontificalis
The Musings of a Holy Roman Pontiff

In Toon With the World
Tired of the average blog? "In Toon With the World" publishes the editorial cartoons of Zach Brissett, a Southern, pro-life, Roman Catholic convert who votes Republican (at the moment) but has a soft ...

The Roman Sacristan
You never know what you'll find in a sacristy. A blog on orthodox Catholicism, liturgy, Latin translations, et al.

Canticle of Chiara
The reflections, musings, tirades, experiences, expressions....and of course, canticles of a young Catholic woman struggling to discern what God wants of her. Visitors and their comments are entirely ...

Rosary Novice
A journal on a beginner's experiences praying the Rosary daily.

Inspired Traditionalist
This web site was created in order to support and encourage the traditons of the Catholic faith

Thursday's Trifles
A site that I made to share news that Catholics should hear, but don't. Also a fan site for the Sci-fi Show/movie firefly/serenity

The Discernment Dilemma
Maybe humor, definitely Faith, and hopefully Reason from the depressed mind of a suburban Catholic teen.

The Lewis Crusade
I'm a pro-life Catholic with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder. Named for a child we lost to miscarriage, our apostolate is dedicated to fighting embryonic stem cell research, contraception and euthanasia, ...

Your Pastoral Coach
A community seeking to unleash their potential by integrating Catholic spirituality, leadership, and coaching principles to life. Live a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life!

The Catholic Golfer
One Catholic man's musings on Catholicism, Christianity, politics, sports (especially golf) and random stupidity.

Catholc faith, reason, and science.

Et in Arcadia ego
Reflections on society, culture and the Church from a rain-soaked Catholic.

Catholic ramblings, random musings, ruminations on parenting, family and marriage, and deliberations on the Tyranny of Relativism

Tales from the Bonny Blue House
Join the adventures of a Catholic homeschooling family. We have five children from ages 10 through 2. One of our children is autistic and the rest are typical learners.

Society of Mary
The Society of Mary was formed in 1931 by the union of its parent societies, the Confraternity of Our Lady (founded in 1880) and the League of Our Lady (founded in 1902). It has members all over the world ...

three stars and a sun
a young Catholic's perspective on current national issues

House of Literature
This is the place I share book (movies) selections and reviews I have found worth mentioning. Plans are to announce at least one book per day (sometimes more). Book selections will include illustrated ...

A Wing And A Prayer
Because that is all we have going for us.

PowerBlog! is hosted by radio producer Shaun Pierce in Pittsburgh, PA. Covers topics of faith, news and entertainment. Readers can post comment and participate in the talk back forum.

De Civitate Dei
News, commentary, sarcasm and satire from an orthodox Catholic perspective. Oh, and did I mention musings too?

Sanctus Christopher
News, history, and current events within the context of a journey.

In Veritate Ambulare
Ecclesiam res et talia sermocinamur - We talk about the Church, stuff, and such.

bleu clair rhapsody et la symphonie de [crickets]
a harmony of prayer & play composed for a rapt audience of [crickets]

The Wounded Knower
The on-line journal of a Jesuit novice.

Four Crying Out Loud
Thoughts about everyday Catholic family life.

Write In Between
Writing is something I do in between the pages of my real life. I am a Catholic wife and mother and part-time student in a graduate Theology program. So, I write in between all that.