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A pro-life site using parody under the point of view of Moloch.

Musings of a Nun Wannabe
Welcome to my world. This blog contains my random thoughts and musings as I discern a vocation to the religious life. Pax Christi!

St. Peter\'s Helpers
A weblog for the laity to help the Holy Father Benedict XVI in his Petrine Ministry.

Blurry Flurry
Catholic site that offers a fresh, young perspective sans the cool sounding Latin title.

Christian blog journal with strong apologetics slant in the tradition of C.S. Lewis. 'unapologetics' is a mission and a ministry geared towards Chistians in the midst of doubts and towards all those who ...

Catholics for Bush
Catholics for Bush is a Blog for Catholics and Christians who support President George W. Bush. President Bush's views on issues such as life, marriage, and family are in accord with the Catholic Chrurch. ...

contrition in action
Thoughts, prayers, and observations from a young Roman Catholic who enjoys meditating on the Real Presence while maintaining a presence on the web.

A blog that maintains current events and answers false information on Catholic teaching.

Basia Me, Catholica Sum
Poetry, literature, Latin, reflections. Venite omnes!

Mallon's Media Watch
Mallon's Media Watch is a Catholic blog site featucommunity news analysis, response to and commentary on misinformed media reports on the Catholic Church.

The Sacred and the Profane
A festecommunity den of narcissism. Well, not quite.

In Principio Erat Verbum
Russian Catholic personal Blog

Catholic Laity
"Catholic Laity" discusses the role of the laity in the mission of the Church and lay apostolates.

Papa Familias
I'm a daddy now - walk with me.

Catholic Forum
New Catholic Forum

"To Restore All Things In Christ." This was the motto of Pope Saint Pius X, for whom this site is dedicated. In the Third Millennium of the One, Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, we strive to answer ...

Musings from the Den Mother
A source of insight on all topics worth thinking about, the Den Mother tenders her opinion, analysis, and/or personal reflection on the subject of her choice. "You can fool some of the people all the ...

Jcecil3's Progressive Catholic Reflections
A liberal voice crying out in the wilderness

Shades of Gray (Umbrae Canarum)
Theology, politics, philosophy....and whatever else comes to mind.

This is a Catholic Blog focusing on the topics of who we are and who we are not in God's plan of creation. This takes us to issues of sex/gender, liturgy, creation, homosexuality, etc.

Ad Limina Apostolorum
Musings by a doctoral student, patristics scholar, and inveterate Augustinian

Journey to Scetis

God's Green Thumb
Musings regarding environmental science and Catholicism, a combination of the two, and interesting adventures in Rome (and the process of getting there!)

A site dedicated to discussing the beauty and truth about Catholicism

Heart speaks to Heart
A pregnant newlywed attempts to keep her sanity and faith in the face of US immigrations, pregnancy, financial woes, intellectual stagnation and, of course, the prevalent culture of death.

A Penitent Blogger
Humble reflections - mindful of my imperfections, seeking to know Truth more deeply and to live Love more fully.

Mulier Fortis
Random thoughts of a Catholic woman, dedicated to God in the single state, living and working in the world

Claves sunt in arca epistula
The random musings/rantings/dreams/theological opinions/fine works of art and poetry/cruely true observations/snide remarks/bad jokes/whatever of a Catholic from SW Virginia.

Little Catholic Home
the musings of a simple little Chinese woman from Singapore, talking about the little mundanes of life while trying to be Catholic at the same time.

Catholic, Conservative, and Loving It!
This country, and so much of the world, is turning its back on religion. This is just a little way for me to fight back.

Gathecommunity Goat Eggs
A red state Catholic relocates blue and writes home about it.... politics, economics, music, culture, religion, and unfocused griping

In Nomine Patris-Reflections of a Simple Soul
Catholic Convert Concinnity.

Catholic Apologetics of America
This site is dedicated to bcommunitying the lost sheep into the one sheepfold, the Catholic Church, which is the \"pillar and foundation of truth\" (1 Timothy 3:15). This site is meant to challenge common ...

Thoughts and Ruminations of a Man on a Quest
This blog is the work of a man on a quest to follow God. At present I'm a seminarian, but join me on this journey and find out where God is leading me. Along the way I'll be sure to share thoughts, meditations ...

Katholisches Notizbuch
A catholic notebook, as the title claims, written in german by a german catholic who constantly tries to return to faith. Issues include current affairs seen from a catholic point of view.

Sapor Sapientiae
Reflections and Socratic provocations by a Catholic philosopher

The Wednesday Eudemon
Eudemon: Primary post on Wednesday. Numerous posts throughout the rest of the week.

The Village Idiot
It is a tale, filled with sound and fury, told by an idiot. -William Shakespeare

The Return Curve
Thoughts gathered and conclusions reached by a Catholic college student on her return curve to the Truth.

The Catholic Golfer
The musings of a Catholic golfer, or perhaps a golfing Catholic.

Blog Hogger
Blog Hogger is a Catholic group blog updated by teenagers. It deals with issues such as abortion, gay 'marriage', video games, and politics. Brutally honest.

Catholic Blogic
Issues of interest to Catholics, philosophers and theologians.

Contemplata aliis tradere
A personal blog by a Dominican lay volunteer and aspicommunity friar on life, faith and other issues.

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate
A Catholic Blog Site - For Matters Touching on Church, Family, & Politics My 3 major interests are the Catholic Church, my family, and politics. My hope is that this blog will foster enlightened discussion ...

Eric\'s Catholic Blog
Eric\'s attempt to be part of the blogging trend. I am a 39 year old Catholic husband and father of two daughters. I will try to highlight the positives of the Catholic Church and stay away from the negative, ...

Big Catholic Nerds
a site dedicated to Church history, lives of the saints and all things Catholic

Give Tongue
This is a site run by two Catholic ladies in the Bay Area who muse on things pertaining to Catholic Cult'cha. Catholic Culture does not include felt banners. Amen.

Like Merchant Ships
Proverbs 31 says "She is like the merchant ships, bcommunitying her food from afar." As a stay-at-home mom and wife, I'm always striving to be more like the ideal woman in Proverbs 31. Finding bargains ...

Roma Locuta Est
Rome has spoken, your cause is finished; where it only that your error were so quickly done with.

Thoughts and Ramblings
Self discriptive I think, this is a page dedicated to my thoughts and ramblings. I write it for myself and would not be sad if it was never read. However, feel free to read if you like.