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A look into the quirky world of a Catholic goth-type

Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae
Collection of musings, opinions, and discussions on various subjects, including news events, parenting, faith, etc. Written by a secular Carmelite homemaker with an oversized soapbox.

As She Appears
A Catholic weblog devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Updated daily.

The Cornblog
The not-very mysterious personage known as "corndog" at catholicsingles.com, among other places. This is pretty mych a personal blog that contains Whatever I Happened to Notice at the Time.

Catholic Meditations
The Catholic Meditations site features my Catholic Meditations Blog, a on-going collection of poems, prayers, novenas and other devotional material, mostly original.

Church of the Masses
Reflections and updates on the entertainment industry from a Catholic perspective

Ad Majoram Dei Gloriam

Catholic For Life
The happenings of a 17 year old aiming for sainthood

Hi! I'm Gordon Zaft, why isn't everyone?
My personal musings on God, the Church, computers, music, and whatever else comes to mind.

Disturber of the Peace Institute News & Commentary
A news and commentary blog, from a Catholic perspective, dealing with various current and on-going social, political, and religious issues and controveries, especially in the area of anti-Catholicism and ...

The weblog of a female Lutheran bibliophile becoming Catholic & aiming at an M.A. in Theology from one of the loyal Catholic seminaries. Reflections on feasts, seasons, Scripture, doctrine, and whatever ...

The Fullness of Truth
A blog dedicated to exposing the truth about Catholicism!

Mere Catholics
Musings from real live Catholics in the backwoods of Canada. Typical topics range from Cajun culture and homemaking to mediaeval fantasy and computer gaming.

The Journey
A journal of reflections on Sacred Scripture from the daily Liturgy of the Word. These reflections are not copies or paste-ups from other sources, but are original compositions by team members inspired ...

De Stijl
Just your average blog -- political commentary, attempts at humor, haiku about inappropriate topics, and essays.

Multi-participant blog examining Catholicism from several viewpoints including seminarian, family man, convert, and homemaker.

Against the Grain
Occasional notes of a (mostly) philosophical or theological nature by the web-manager for the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club [www.ratzingerfanclub.com]{;}

Not So Deep Thoughts of a WAHM
The daily thoughts of a conservative, Catholic work-at-home-mom.

Thirty-ish wannabe catholic, married with two dogs, a house, and a busy job. Starting RCIA this fall, trying to learn all I can about Catholicism in the meantime.

Catholic Sensibility
thoughts on faith, life, inspiration ... the important things

Fructus Ventris
random musings of a catholic wife, mother, midwife, musician (not necessarily in that order!)

Catholics in the Public Square
Ongoing commentary on Catholic figures in public service on both sides of the political spectrum (left and right), calling them to be accountable to the "non-negotiable" moral teachings of their faith. ...

Vatican Watcher
A blog that discusses current events in the Catholic Church, with particular attention paid to the politics of the Holy See.

Eriugena: Daily Prayers of an Irish Pilgrim
Daily Prayers of an Irish Pilgrim on the everlasting Journey, in the Spirit, through the Word, from Nothingness to Union with the One, who is the Beginning and the End

An exploration of the simple riches of life, love and spirit by a 30 something nearly-Catholic, all-Canadian wife and daughter.

Square Zero
Square Zero is the personal blog of Eric Scheidler, a pro-life activist, web designer and Byzantine Catholic. He shares his reflections and insights on the Catholic faith, both East and West, family life, ...

Trubador - The Arbiter of Common Sense
My fledgling blog is centered on a variety of topics ranging from politics & current events, the catholic faith, family, movie/film reviews, music, and wine.

A Tic In The Mind\'s Eye
The comics and stories about everyday things that keep my shrink in business. And possibly yours.

Leaving the Port
Steubenville grads talk about life outside of FUS, discernment, and other Catholic things.

Running From The Thought Police
The blog of an undergraduate biology student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Discusses local politics, university events, religion, dorm life, and whatever else strikes the author's ...

Proverbs 21:2

Nosce Te Ipsvm
A blog with news, commentary, humor, interesting things, Catholic faith, and history.

I'm Stuck in Kansas
A Benedictine College undergrad takes up space on the web by talking about computers, Catholicism, the terrible cafeteria food on campus, and anything else that comes to his little college student m ...

Adventures in Catholisism
Reflections of a Reverted Catholic Discerning the Call to Religious Life.

The Troglodyte
Culture and policy stumbling in the dark around a big idea

Considecommunity Benedictine devotion and conversion in everyday life, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Tremendous Trifles
The place to be when there is something else you should be doing.

Catholic Web Logs
Catholic Web Logs are short musings on the following subjects and themes: Holy Spirit, Pentecost, prayer, discernment, sanctity, holiness, Catholic business, Marian devotion, lectio divina, classic Catholic ...

Rebebecca's Rispostas
The random ramblings of a Stay-at-home, Rosary-making, Girl Scout Troop Leading, Catholic Mom of one very active little girl. Grab a cup of coffee and jump into a discussion or two.

A Catholic Experience
This site reflects on the happenings of our times within the context of a Catholic perspective. One\'s Catholic faith cannot be hidden. It must be carried into the public square.

Life at the Frontier
Thoughts on Faith, Life, Liberty and the Final Frontier, and how they all tie together beyond the conventional \'wisdom\'.

North Western Winds
Thirty something Canadian Catholic thoughts about politics, ethics, philosophy, religion and daily living.

Still Running off at the Keyboard
A Catholic perspective on the news, particularly as it applies to the impact the occult has on Catholic culture.

penni, for your thoughts
musings and observations made by me, nicknamed martha, martha by our monsignor, because i was formerly concerned (okay, worried) about many things...now i am simply concerned :)

Ecclesia et Mundus
Reflections on the World from a Citizen of the Church.

One Bread, One Body
Blogs my journey with Christ and his Catholic Church. There is some emphasis on Christian Unity through a charitable meeting of doctrines and hearts, all with Christ in the center. Most likely biases would ...

haLf-baKed 'tAteRs
a spiritual journal of sorts & thoughts about the world..

Barefoot and Pregnant
Pondecommunitys on Catholicism, pregnancy, family life, homeschooling, and other miscellany.

Wheat and Weeds
Inside-the-Beltway Catholic blogging, Pope-groupie posts,reviews, new Movement blogging and tomato updates

You Duped Me Lord
Adventures of a thirtysomething Jesuit