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This is a blog about a Catholic youth, continuing to practice his faith, as he plans on entecommunity seminary after High School.

The Sleepless Eye

Mental Pompeii
Thomas Merton used a phrase in his classic The Seven Story Mountain that has stuck with me, which was "mental Pompeii". I think this best describes the content of my blog. It will include the eruptions ...

Flos Carmeli

Wired Catholic
Links to Catholic news, commentary, and occasional inside scoops. Constantly updated.

Jumping Without A Chute
A blog written by a soon to be dad. Discussions range from politics, religion, and world events to the more personal issues of faith and living a good life.

Accidental Nomad
Weblog/ portal of a mom, writer, future librarian, Catholic, military brat.

Fiddleback Fever
Traditional Catholic Brilliance from Bored Minds.

Join us as we continue on this exciting ride known as Catholic Mothecommunity!

All things considered in light of the truth...

a catholic mom of many muddling through

From the back pew
The site features reflections on the human condition from a faith perspective – but with liberal doses of humor, satire, sarcasm, and affectionate irreverence.

A Grateful Catholic
I was received into the Catholic Church in 1984 at the age of 30. May these reflections twenty-one years later express my continuing gratitude for the inestimable gifts I have received at her hands.

Guard Me With Your Glory
Blog from Ireland.

Catholic Interest
Interesting things Catholic

A Catholic writing from New York, in partibus infidelium.

Revert To Saved Version
The meandecommunity thoughts of a 28yo Catholic software engineer who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tony Street's Catholic Point of View
A site about my journey in my faith.

Holy Fool
Witness the musings of another Holy Fool, another follower of \"God\'s own Fool.\"

my journey through miscarriage and healing

Being! Or Nothingness
"When I encountered Christ, I discovered that I was a man" My blog's main purpose is to educate my youth about the culture and society. My education in the Lay Movement, Communion and Liberation, provides ...

Jesuvera: Spiritual Adventures of a Catholic
Jesuvera: Spiritual adventures of a Catholic. Welcome to my blog! You'll find here an interesting mix of faith content and my own personal reflections.

A Catholic Life
This blog's purpose is to clarify and explain the teachings of the Catholic Church as well as include commentary and news on the Church and pro-life issues. This site is similar to a mini-RCIA but also ...


Rethinking Economics
Economic Man recovecommunity his soul. A collaborative blog dedicated to explocommunity economics as informed by a proper understanding of the dignity of the human person.

Happy Catholic
Not always happy but always happy to be Catholic

The Donegal Express
The calling of the Rosary Spanish wine from far away I\'m a free born man of the USA Now carried live, via satellite, from Santa Fe New Mexico

Portiuncula: the Little Portion
The "Portiuncula Franciscan Hermitage/Retreat Center" is united in the Roman Catholic tradition. We are committed to our Lord and Savior in the Scriptures, the Eucharist, the sacraments of the Church and ...

Blogimus Maximus
A blog by a Catholic convert.

Musings on Muses
A Catholic mother's reflections on the arts: fine, performing, domestic, and parental.

A 20-something, newly visually impaired theology student from Canada discusses aspects of Catholicism, philosophy, and life in general.

Comments on society, politics and culture.

Catholic, Young and Minister
For Catholic youth ministers who love the Church, kids and lookin for support, ideas, accountability, prayers, goof off because we love doing administration work SO much, hey, just come over and introduce ...

Being in the Form of a Quest
An orthodox Catholic explocommunity what it means to live authentically in a world very different to that of my ancestors and, yet, still pretty much the same. I\'m wondecommunity why we forget the past, ...

A website of news, opinion, commentary, musings, prayer, from a personal (and orthodox) Catholic perspective.

A site about Christian use of food, hospitality and its relation to the good life.

This blog makes fun of some of the absurdities in the Catholic Church on the part of her faithful and not-so-faithful members.

Full Circle
Topics will include Catholicism covecommunity anything from lay devotions to Catholic related news and apologetics. Other odds and ends might include music, personal happenings and occasional sports r ...

Thoughts of a Regular Guy
One ordinary family- & working-man\'s voice on politics, faith, and culture.

This Moment
My daily encounters with God.

A Sign of Contradiction
Dedicated to the discussion of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and all aspects of her Faith, from her various struggles in the modern world, to her ancient and glorious history, to her many ...

Neanderthalers in Airplanes
Culture, politics and religion, war and peace, classics, homeschool, and anything else I feel like.

Danger! Falling Brainwaves
This site is full of the random thoughts that fall from David Ancell's brain. David is a 30-year-old pharmacist in the Memphis, Tennessee area who loves the Catholic Church and her teaching.

Summa minutiae
A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought. --Lord Peter Wimsey

Dappled Things
All things counter, original, spare, strange: an unofficial project of individual whimsy.

Patrick Sweeney's weblog of the Catholic faith and media, politics, technology and the other stuff he's interested in.

Catholic Analysis
I offer serious essays and book reviews on Catholic issues. I am already listed in Gerald Serafin's St. Blog's Parish Directory. I'm not too sure how a community works so any details you can give me would ...

Fonticulus Fides
Newly Catholic (as of Easter Vigil 2003), Sparki explores her growing faith and quest for holiness. Primitive blog, functions to be added as time permits for a busy mom of 2 small kids.

Mysterium Crucis
Due to the most recent provisions in Canon Law, no literate person in the process of conversion to Catholicism can refuse to start an online journal and incessantly prattle on the minutiae of his spiritual ...

Oblique House
Observations of an opinionated Catholic home-schooling mother...