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Rondom curmudgeonly observations on current events both Catholic and secular, with a focus on S. E. Wisconsin goings-on.

l'Angelo Mysterioso
The ramblings of l'Angelo Mysterioso on all subjects.

Rev. Mr. Chris
"A voice crying out in the wilderness" Thoughts and Reflections of a Catholic Deacon. Most entries involve Faith, Sacred Scripture, Tradition or Teaching. Or just wonder at the handiwork of God.

Totus Tuus
The thoughts of one American woman on Feminism, Liberalism, and her beloved Catholic Church.

Old Taylor Outlook
A simple blog devoted to my faith, my family and my friends. It is the view from Old Tayor; my view.

Crusader of Justice
This blog is intended to capture my thoughts on various issues. I think a lot but rarely write anything down, so this is something of an attempt to capture some of it and share it with people.

Swingin' Rosaries
A group of lay writers and Jesuits write about and answer questions about the Catholic faith. We're a mix of clergy, theologians and other types of nerd. We're not above having fun, either. ...

Living Catholicism
Personal thoughts and practical advice on living out your Catholic faith in a busy world.

The Julian Calendar
Some Catholic material, mostly from a Traditional perspective. Many other topics as well.

Our Lady of Tuscany Homeschool Academy
We are a growing family of 5 just starting the grand adventure of homeschooling and learning to live out our Catholic Faith. Me and my husband are both converts to the faith and thus first generation catholics ...

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Carmelite spirituality, testimonies of faith, Catholic interest.

Why Fret?
Catholicism, Guitars, Politics, Culture, Software, etc

Rise of the TOB
Rise of the Theology of the Body - Looking at the world through the lens of Pope John Paul II's "theological time bomb" on love and responsibility... and oh so much more.

butterfly blog
The blog of a Catholic in Western Pennsylvania who likes butterflies.

Commentary based on my 32 years in civil service and lifetime of service to the church. blog also links to the poetry of my mother, Marie Ely (1914-1946).

New and Ramblings from a faith-filled Catholic on current events, doctine, apologetics, and whatever else seems fitting or fun.

A UDallas 19-year-old Catholic college student randomly muses on life, faith, and ROTC.

The Black Madonna
Spawned as a sister site for The Black Republican, a conservative political blog centecommunity on issues of race and prejudice, The Black Madonna is the home for the more Catholic-inspired posts of its ...

Rex Olandi Rex Cledendi
A record of random relevant reflections by Paul Rex; routinely those that relate to the real renewal of the Catholic Church. From the axiom: "Lex Orandi Lex Credendi", or "The Rule of Prayer is the Rule ...

Chronicle of a Meandecommunity Traveller
The rambling thoughts on culture, the Church, and life within this galaxy, presented as seen through the eyes of a Catholic mom, wife and architect, married to a foreign-born architect, living abroad. ...

Duc In Altum
A Catholic\'s reflections on Scripture, Tradition, and other matters of daily life.

A Catholic priest looks at life and speaks his mind. You've been warned.

Catholic Girl Talk
A chronicle of the rantings, ravings, daydreams and musings of young Catholic women at the University of Maryland.

The adventures of a couple of bad catholics at a time near the end of the world.

Musings of a Pertinacious Papist
Musings and cultural commentary of a Catholic professor of philosophy and religion

Sancta Liturgia
Data, thoughts, and analysis of the holy liturgy of the Roman Rite.

Books Galore
21, Canadian, Catholic. A mild-mannered office clerk ducommunity the day, Eileen reads and writes by night.

The Keys Are Mightier
Regular news and commentary on the liturgy and the Church, covecommunity both national and international issues.

Kei's Corner: Confessions of A Catholic Charismatic Christian
The life of a Catholic Charismatic Christian teenage nerd living in a bilingual country. Hopes, love, and dreams of a young hoper, unread and undiscovered ;).

Cradle Catholic Hanging On
A collection of thoughts, memories, humor, personal and family life, observations of the political, social, and Catholic scene since the \'60s by a woman who got her degree the year Pope Pius XII died ...

Unam Sanctum
One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Blog. Offecommunity news, commentary and other things Catholic.

In Search of My Beatrice
This is a blog of a young Catholic from Montreal, discerning his vocation, and shacommunity his mussings along the way.

Illuminated Obscurity
We discuss religious, political, and everyday topics.

The Wonder of Being Finite
Musings of a Catholic mathematician

J. D. Carriere

chastity reVisited
A place to discuss TOB and NFP, get your NFP questions answered by a certified CCL Teaching Couple, post prayer requests and read current pro-life news.

Out of My Mind
The musings of a Catholic Christian living and teaching in a strange, alien world.

The Sacred Weblog of the Universal Inquisition
A refuge for all those who want to bcommunity back the Dark Ages.

Politics, culture, Catholicism, and law, from a Domer at Ohio State

The Four Pillars
A Catholic Blog for contemplation and discussion. Dedicated especially to those in the laity who strive to follow the Four Pillars of Dominican life: prayer, study, community, and preaching.

A Permanent deacon and wife continue 45 years of service to missions in Mexico. Descriptions of daily life and adventures.

Nolite Timere
A sub-blog of heartofcanada.ca that focuses on issues of Catholicism and faith.

Allan's Analysis
These are the musings of a Canadian, Catholic, Christian and somewhat conservative man. I hope you enjoy.

The Rock
This is a site the journals journey into the Catholic Church and the doctrines of the Church.

Discerning The Call
This is a blog by a young man in his twenties going through the process of discernment in an attempt to find if he is being called to the priesthood. Hopefully others will be able to gain insight from ...

Sober Catholic
A Catholic blog for those interested in discovecommunity how Catholicism can be used to keep and maintain one\'s sobriety. AA helped me get sober, but the Faith helps me stay sober.

Pope Family Traditional Catholic
Weblog containing Catholic views

God, the World, and My Family.
Catholic crunchy-granola political independently investigated attachment-parented organic site sprinkled with yummy recipes. It's hard to put into words; you'll just have to experience it.

Sacred Miscellany
Reflections of a Catholic church musician, organist, harpist, pianist and observer of all that passes by.

blog of a 50 year old Catholic convert, a former Lutheran pastor who pushes the monastic, spiritual, mystic envelope