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Click Member link to see site in tvWaiting In Joyful Hope
The world of Beth and Todd Coury under the grace of God.

The Deacon\'s Bench
Where a Catholic Deacon ponders his Church, his ministry, and the art of preaching.

Religious Life, Christianity, and Culture
Short essays on Catholicism, religious life, and Christian culture. Critical of modernity, and enemies of the Church.

Μπλόγ τι Αρμάννλλοι Καθόλιτς δι Λούμε Τούτα ...

I have to sit down.
Nine years of marriage, seven children, and a faster modem: my cautionary tale. This blog is intended for childish adults who, if they were not Catholic, would hardly be human.

Postulant Postings
Random thoughts and musings of a seminarian.

Proud to be a Catholic Convert
A blog about me converting to be a Catholic.

Viewed and Reviewed
Viewed and Reviewed is a new project of mine. I plan to post reviews of movies, books, albums, and any other media I use. Examining our popular culture from a Catholic, aesthetic perspective. I also ...

Aussie Coffee Shop
reflections and thoughts from everyday life of an Australian Catholic stay at home mother.

My Faith, Life and More

The Journeyman Carpenter
A collection of observations, thological reflections, and random thoughts about the faith journey of one young Catholic.

Letters to Jesus
spiritual growth

A Knight's Walk in the Kingdom
How One American Catholic Family Man Sees His World

Gateway City Window View
This blog is maintained by a Kadazan woman married to a St. Louisan. It is a personal blog about my personal views, experiences and opinions. There is no political discussion here but there may be discussions ...

Living and Loving Life
Living and Loving Life I think we are living the typical American Dream. We have all we need, each other. Sounds silly but it's true. We were called to be a family and are so happy we answered the call! ...

The Deacon's Bench
Where a Roman Catholic Deacon ponders the world.

Rudgate Ramblings...
Comments on Liturgy - usually though not exclusively from a Traditional perspective. Also publicity for our own services!

Take Courage, My Friend
Everyone will be Catholic when they get to the Pearly Gates. I just don't want them to have to wait so long. I will do whatever it takes to bcommunity you Home.

The Gristmill
Just my humble blogsite. The topics are wide and diverse, but when they touch on religion, it is Catholic.

Flying Stars by Nancy Carpentier Brown
Homeschooling, parenting, literature, books, writing, Chesterton, Catholic, politics, children, art, traveling.

Seek His Face
The purpose of this blog is to offer daily spiritual reflections and occasional catecheses that will hopefully draw all of us closer to God. It is my hope that this webpage will be an extension of what ...

Arizona Catholic
Generally blogging about pretty much anything from a Catholic perspective.

Astonished, Yet at Home!
A strong dose of rum, Romanism, and rebellion from Toby Danna. Commentary on Catholicism, culture, politics, and pretty much anything that catches the eye.

Three Hubdred Words
Unbiased fictionalized moments of historical uncertainty in 300 words, many stories of Catholic interest, written by a traditional Catholic.

Emmaus Talk
A daily journal of a Catholic mans walk with Jesus. Observations, reflections and conversation.

Sanctus Christopher
Photo pilgrimage as Cecilia and I visit each church in Austin.

Pellegrinaggio: Crossing the Ponte Sisto
The Ponte Sisto isnít one of the more famous bridges of Rome, nor is it one of the most attractive; for me, though, it is the most special and is symbolic of my journey, and that of my late best friend, ...

Rediscover Worship

Luminous Miseries
ursue truth, seek mercy, grant grace, be light...the journey from protestant minister to Catholic artist.

A parish priest, (Anglo-)Catholic in the CofE

Catholic Thoughts & Discussions
The aim of this blog is to discuss current issues affecting the Catholic Church in the light of Catholic teachings. It is aimed at challenging the reader into a better understanding of his/her faith. Moreover ...

Clover Catholic !
Information on the Worldwide Catholic Church! Straight from the Emerald Isle!

For the Love of Christ
How a Southern Baptist became Catholic and then became a Secular Franciscan. Faith journey and reflection related to my life as a convert to the Catholic faith.

Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit
A conservative Catholic blog about the comings and goings of the Society of Jesus. Great historical accounts of Jesuit Saints, Blessed and hero's. Lots of great Jesuit links.

Suffecommunity World
Some personal thoughts of a young Catholic in Oxford on human suffecommunity, secularism and the religious response.

Minnesota Catholic
Perspectives on discernment, Roman Catholicism, and life from a young man from Minnesota who feels called to serve Our Lord as a Roman Catholic priest.

Daughter of the King
A Catholic blog. The musings of a daughter returning to her Father through his Son.

Sweet Dreamz
a forum for Catholic/Conservative bloggers to share ideas,blogs,news,support and links. Anything to do with Catholic/Conservative blogging. A place to share out and have discussions.

Vineyard Opus
Homilies and thoughts of a young priest.

Sisters of the Holy Family Notes from the Convent
Notes from the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Holy Family. Articles, prayers, scripture reflections and photography. Insights to ministry work and personal activities of the Sisters' daily lives.

Modern Catholic Mom Blog
Modern Catholic Mom is a blog devoted to being a Catholic woman in the 21st century. MCM's hope is that through education and inspiration we might all come to know Christ even more. Being a mom and being ...

Serving the Practical Catholic in an Impractical World

Pieces of ~Me~
I'm a converted Catholic homeschooling mom who loves learning more about my faith. I explore many different aspects of life in general on my blog but I am beginning to focus on shacommunity how my faith ...

Within the Garden: An Experiment in Reflection
Musings on culture, life, creation, and all things Catholic.

Roc Around the Clock
Blog of a homeschooling Catholic American Mom living in Canada.

Navigating the Narrows
Theological and Philosphical musings from a 20-something theological postgraduate student. Topics: Faith and Reason, Cultural Issues, Liturgics, Ecumenism, Anglo-Catholicism, Romanitas, etc. In addition ...

My Twisted Life's Journey
Many of the topics I cover are about topics of faith especially those involving my journey. I talk about Natural Family Planning Method, head covering, modesty, what it means to be Catholic, what it's ...

Defend Us In Battle
A Catholic blog about Faith, family, culture, law, politics and society. It is authored by two young attorneys who are husbands and fathers trying to keep all their vocations straight! The blog was ...

God and Man in America
This blog is a continuation of my earlier concernedcatholic blog. I was forced to cease that blog during my tenure in gradschool and have decided to start up again. It is particularly focused on the ...

The Catholic Technologist
I am a Roman Catholic trying to live my faith in the high-tech industry. At times that can be difficult to do. I'll post my meditations and experiences here as I work out my own salvation with fear and ...